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Build a light mover for $4!

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by DokiDoki, Aug 9, 2010.

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    Yesterday I built a non powered light rail for less than $4! Makes it extra easy to move your HID light. Sorry, not an actual light mover... but it is also only $4. :p

    1 roll of rebar wire
    2 ceiling hooks (200lb)

    Rebar wire is SUPER strong, and SUPER cheap. Costs me $3 at Home Depot in the rebar/concrete aisle (against the wall usually)

    1. Screw the ceiling hooks into a stud in the ceiling.
    2. Cut some rebar wire twice the length needed
    3. Wrap the wire from ceiling hook to ceiling hook. (should have 2 wires)
    4. Turn the ceiling hooks to tighten the wire more
    5. Make 2 small U shapes out of wire. Twist wire together for double-strength.
    6. Attach U shapes to either the hood or hood chain (depending on ceiling height) and twist together.

    I attached one pic of my new light mover. I'll post some more tomorrow.

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  2. ...thats not what a light mover is.
  3. well, actually -- it will move a light, or allow you to move a light, but I would have to agree with funky -- that isnt a light mover.
  4. It is not automatic. It does not have a motor. And it does not cost $200. But it is FAR better than having a stationary light.

    If not a light mover, what would you call it? I think with a little enginuity, I could automate this mover though. :)
  5. this is no more than a un motorized light rail not a mover " the term mover " would be a false description since there is nothing actually doing the moving only you are actually doing the moving , i like the idea just needs a different tittle is all possibly non powered light rail for 4 $
  6. I bet with one of those electric kinex sets you could get it to move
  7. Make it move and you'd probably be able to call it a light mover. Right now it's just rebar with a light hanging from it.
  8. With that said, you could call any light a light mover :p
  9. I think a light mover would have to, you know, move the light. And while I appreciate the ingenuity, I agree it is not a light mover nor does it provide what a light mover does. Well, it could if you sat in your grow space sliding the light back and forth by hand all day...

    For an actual DIY light mover, check this out: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ahQidLKl0k"]YouTube - Aerolightv1.2: revised and rebuilt pt1[/ame][​IMG]
  10. C'mon guys don't be so tough! He's almost there, add a small motor to the fitting to travel the wire...

    So what type of motor can we add, I like 12volt, something of of a car, that is strong enough to carry the weight ??
  11. I was thinking one of those baby-rocker motors might work to swing the light back and forth (as opposed to moving it horizontally). Meh, for my little set-up I don't really need a motorized setup. But I will say... rebar wire can be used for nearly anything.
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    windshield wiper motor.


    edit: I had an idea once, instead of moving the light...just move the reflector behind it. kinda like hanging some barebulbs under a ceiling fan that's covered in mylar or something...the rotation of the (bumpy)reflector would spread the light all over the place.
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    heres the motor i use on my diy mover

    One DC 12V/12 V DC 30RPM High Torque Gear Motor-BuySAFE - eBay (item 300450319018 end time Sep-25-10 11:26:06 PDT)

    Horse Power Cont.
    0.8 W ​
    Length of Motor Body(excluding spindle) (BL)
    50.2mm ​
    Gear ration
    Full Length of Spindle (SL1)
    14.0mm ​
    Voltage & Current
    12 V DC ​
    Length of Spindle (SL2)
    30 ​
    Length of Spindle Flat(SL3)
    Reversible ​
    Diameter of Spindle (SD)
    4.0mm ​
    Length of Motor (including spindle)
    64.2 mm ​
    Height of Spindle (no a flat ) (SH)
    3.5mm ​
    Diameter of Motor (D)
    25.0 mm ​
    Center Distance of Mount Hole(H)
    22 LB-Inch​
    Diameter of Mount Hole(MD)

    my mover is a bit more involved, it has this motor turning a piece of all thread. carriage threads its way along the all thread, uses 2 dpdt (dual pole dual throw) switches to change direction. this is my first post:wave:, my grow is not at my home so if anyones interested i can get pics of the parts and the mover. funny thing is most of the parts were junk from work, the only thing i bought was this motor for 20 bucks to my door.

    my set up takes 36 minutes to travel from one end to the other (6') round trip time of an hour and 12 minutes :smoke:
  14. What would you use for a power source to this motor.

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