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  1. Allright I just transplanted one of my plants and I noticed right next to it were some termites would termites do anything to my plant? Also I live in the AZ and I was wonderin if any other fellow growers in arizona had any problems with animals eatin there plants?
  2. termites wont bother your plant but they might get into your bud and youll be smoking termites. And for the animal problem I dont think there is many animals that will harm your plant.
  3. I grow on my roof terrace, but loads of people have massive problems with deer and rabbits. Depends on what you have to do, I suppose.
  4. Animals are by far the most hazourdous to your plants , ive seen a 100 plant crop get eatin in one night by deer! chicken wire works well for most large weed eating preds but be carful.
  5. is it safe to use plant friendly pestisides?
  6. i wouldnt because i dont like the fact that i am smoking bud with pesticides on it but thats a personal preference. I know it sounds retarded but use som barbed wire and mouse trap jus to scare off those animals. rabbits arent too smart so they might come back but deer can remember and they will leave it alone.

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