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  1. Anybody know what is causeing my plant to do this? Is it catipillars? They have been outside for a while wjth no problems untill this week 20190817_154633.jpg
  2. I did spray once for afids and about 2 weeks later with btk for catipillars as preventitive maintance.
  3. Do you see any caterpillars on your plants? It almost looks like herbicide burn. Any spraying done recently in the immediate area? Did the BT - assuming you're not referring to convicted psychopathic, code enforcement officer, Dennis Rader -
    specifically list caterpillars as a target pest? Ditto the spray used on the Aphids?
    If the affected area appeared suddenly and doesn't spread, it's probably an abiotic cause - something in the growing enviroment - nutrient defency, herbicide or pesticide toxicity, too little or too much soil moisture, weather conditions etc. If it happened gradually and seems to be spreading, consider possibly a biotic cause - biological - pathogens, insect pest, etc.
  4. It happened fast so it was prolly caused by the pesticide sprays..i did a foliar feeding with kelp spray to wash it off..hopefully it helped
  5. Looks like nute burn or pesticide burn.

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  6. I grow organic and only use neem oil as a pesticide

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  7. Unfortunitly i can not get neem oil in canada.
  8. Should be at your local grow.shop , if not it's on Amazon. Just more expensive on Amazon.

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  9. Is this stuff ok to spray weekly on my outside plants to prevent catipillars? 20190819_175428.jpg

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