Bugs or just normal death of leaves

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  1. Here are a couple of pics of the same plant. 1 leave has bumps on it, could it just be the type of plant or mold or nutes or bugs????

    2nd. leave is just about dead or close to dying. The rest of the plant is growing good now, it is about 7 to 8 inches tall, it was a clone i bought a couple weeks ago (pinapple desiel) The leaves i am showing are the leaves that were on the clone when i bought it.
    It is also at 200x with a dino scope so it looks like another world...
  2. here are the pics .

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  3. Just post the photos, in, your post. I just went to look, and I need to, Save, and , or, Open this my photo viewer. Sorry, no can do.
  4. sorry, i finalley got it to work..

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  5. OK, one more request, Can you post a " NO Zoom, Normal shots. It looks like, Leaf Spot Fungus, from my eye.
  6. I wished i could, but i through those leaves away....I think i Will just cut off the couple of leaves that have that on it. Like i said it was the leaves that were on the clone when i got them and it has grown 4 inches with no bad growth at all...
    Thanks Bear
  7. Why did you thank yourself, Did you remember, to give yourself, a standing Ovation ?
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    Ouch! My grammer is pretty bad:(... By the way,Thanks WWM

  9. No thanks needed, as I didn't really, help you.

    Next Time

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