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  1. ive been having problems latley with younger plants being eaten. at first i thought bugs mite have something to do with it, but after the second attack, i noticed the soil had been disturbed and it seemed like a relatively small amount of time for insects to eat the whole plant. so i sat and waited and for a few(hours) to see what could be the problem. turns out cats love eating the tops of young plants. i was just wondering if anyone esle has had this problem and to find the cats motivation for pulling off such a horrific crime.

    have a nice day
  2. LoL
    That is a horrific crime. I have heard that cats like to eat it. Actually, it seems as if almost every animal likes to eat grass. Is it inside or out? Looks like you are going to have to develop something that prevents the big predators from eating it.
  3. I found my dog sniffing around the cabinet where I grow my MJ yesterday. =(
  4. my cats can't stand the stuff. if you suspect larger animals, the easiest thing to do is put a physical barrier around it like chicken wire. Then you could plant better tasting stuff somewhere nearby - like wheatgrass, oatgrass, catnip. This will keep jsut baout everything off your stuff except teh snails and other typical MJ eating bastards.

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