Bugs in the soil only???

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  1. Hello all,

    So I have started to see some very tiny little bugs in my soil when I water. Without having a thin layer of water to float in , these bugs are completely undetectable by my non scruff mcgruff ass. I have non seen any bugs eggs on the leaves or stems yet, only these little rat bastards. Are these good for soil or are these just the beginning of a major battle yet to come ??

    Giggity Giggity, :smoke:
  2. Nodda??? Someone has to have had this happen to them before.... Alittle mo info, average 68-72 degrees and never above 36 Humidity levels to prevent against spider mites from what I have read.

  3. If you expect to get any kind or answer you're going to have to provide some details. What color are these bugs? How big are they? Do they fly?
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    lol yea I guess it was a stretch... sorry about that. Well after some sherlock holmes style research lol, I managed to get some on a white plate and after some medication.... found the patience to shine a light on some of these guys with a headlamp and a loop.

    Here is a shot of some of these things. They look like little worms with two large antennae and they hop. You can barley make them out with the naked eye but they are so small that you cant see detail without magnification. Size, fucking small, I dont have anything to measure that small and no they don't fly unless these are really premature larvae or something such...



    The Bugs look like little Sea Monkeys lol and they are white with two antennae.

    This photo was taken with this rat bastards suspended on a white plate in water with a cheapo duo lens loop.

    Thoughts Me amigos??
  5. Back to the top for a guy trying to stop a possible infestation:confused:
  6. don't know what they are, but this will probably kill them


    I use it for fungus gnats
  7. Use a pesticide mixed with some water. I use neem oil as a preventative, mix a little in with my water twice a month when I water. I also mix in some with water and do a little misting of my plant every now and then. Let your soil dry out enough between waterings, bugs like moisture especially in the soil. You are going to want to kill those before they get bigger, I don't know what they are but if that's larvae they may be eating your roots and planning a great escape to feast on some nice green foliage and invade your garden when they hatch.
  8. not a problem that is a bactera from the nutrients witch is good they eat all the bad things in the root system and deposit good things it's keeping your shit clean are you using canna

  9. I see bugs in his pictures. Notice the antennas?
  10. yes little white look like tiny worms that jump when watered its from the enzyme they keep the roots clean
  11. I'm not trying to argue with you but I'm really not sure what you are saying. How can you be so sure that this is what it is? What enzyme are you talking about? This is the first I've ever heard of this.
  12. I looked up the Fungus Gnats and this does not seem to be them but close at the larvae stage. These things are not visible unless you are using a loop and you water the soil. Without covering the soil with a thin layer of water, these are completly un-detectable... I about freaked out when I watered and noticed a whole lot of them on the surface.

    I am using a root enzyme, hydrozyme if that helps

    Thanks again

    Also, I may be able to get these little things on video if that would help. But a few of you have talked about the jumping, and yes these little bastards jump or hop around. all in all, I have preatty healthy plants and they are doing well so far, first timer here:smoke:
  13. Aza Max is for more that just Fungus Gnats.
    There are many different pests that live in the soil and feed on your plants.
  14. I had/have little bugs in my soil too. They never fly and the only time I see them is when I water my plants. My plants have never suffered. Pay attention to your plants, dont stress them with soap or chemicals if you dont need to. I did have some lady bugs move in this fall though so I think they might be tasty to lady bugs. My lady bugs and plants are looking great as I approach harvest time. At any rate my advise is if it's not broken don't fix it.
  15. My thoughts exactly, they are looking absolutely great and I am over scientific when it comes to their watering regime and so forth. Adding compounds and chemicals to the mix has to have an affect somewhere. Constricted Root development, taste something.

    With the lady bugs lol, yea i have been catching as many as I can and letting them stay with my ladies. Can't seem to keep them alive and going for more than a week but, this may be a good thing do to a lack of food.

    Just hope these little sea monkey bastards don't mutate into the creature from the Organic lagoon..,Yea that may have been a stretch but it was free..:D
  16. Hey man I had same bugs in soil. Search for Symphilids I think that's wat they are. Apparently there beneficial to ur soil. Hope this helps.
  17. Snap,
    this is definitively them and it looks like these are friggin horrible for the roots as these little bastards eat roots. Will try a Garlic Tobacco tea tonight and maybe the rest of this week. Anyone have any negative thoughts on Tobacco juice??? I Plan on just applying the tobacco tea along with D.E. and Garlic after I drench the plants with water to get the little bastards to the top of the planters...3 weeks from expected Harvest..
  18. OK, ill try one more time...
    Aza Max is Neem based, Omri listed, safe for Organic gardening, and it kills almost all of your soil born pests. I treat all new containers 2 times in the first 4 weeks and never see any bugs.
  19. HR, appreciate the info, not a place within a hundred miles or so that I can get this stuff that I know of, if they can make it long enough, I may try to order some online. Problem is, too much cash to drop for expedited delivery and I am a matter of 18 days until my projected Harvest if these ladies continue on the schedule...but, this is my first shot at this and I may have a little more time than I think. Dunno, all I know is these little bastards gots to go, and from what I have found and read today, Tobacco juice, Garlic, and maybe some D.E. to go along with it is what I can try as I have acess to all of these readily. The Aza Max seems to be the ticket and hey, you live and learn, I now know that I need to be more preventative with treatments rather than re-active..

    thanks again all and if anyone wants to know how the epic battle goes, post up and Ill keep it live.
  20. with 18 days til harvest I wouldn't worry too much about it, it will take 10 days just to treat. Might want to get some for future use, It's nice to get all these problems solved early in veg.

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