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  1. I actually seen you recommend that brand before and mention that website ,just forgot what the product was lol. How long have you been ordering from there? I remember looking for that brand on Amazon and ebay (i think) without any luck. Probably order me some tonight.

    You probably never mess with neem oil since you use neem cake?
  2. This neem cake will take care of bugs also?
  3. Jerry, what's your thoughts on the karanja cake by the same brand ? Bout to order the neem cake.
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  4. Are you guys adding a layered mix of perlite / diatomaceous earth as a top dress for your gnats? Goodbye gnats, they hate it.
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  5. Mine is mixed with perlite. I have some DE food grade , but not using it. How long have you used it? How much would you use like 1/4 cup?
  6. Create approx a 1 inch layer covering the entire top of 50% perlite, 50% DE.
  7. You can use a less % of DE if you like. The idea of the DE is it will slice them to pieces when they come into contact with it. 0 alteration done to the plant.

    The idea of perlite is to suffocate.

    It is an old trick and will work for others crops too if you grow anything else.
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  8. Karanja is Neem's wild harvested cousin and still
    contains high levels of Azadirachtin. There are studies showing that a combination of the two are more effective than either on their own.

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  9. What type of bugs are you looking to

    The short answer is yes.

  10. Re: fungus gnats - these insects are notoriously bad fliers. A small fan pointed at the base of your plants will prevent them from landing and so prevent them from getting too comfortable and laying eggs. Like with any pest prevention the trick is to break the egg cycle. Once you accomplish this the pests don't have a chance.

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  11. Thanks Jerry, I found a website that makes a 50/50 neem Karanja mix by Ahimsa . They say they order pallets of them both from neemresource. $15 for 2.5 lb.

    Neem and Karanja Mixed 50/50

    Is buildasoil.com legit? Seems cheaper to buy the mix from them. I didn't see a mix on neemresource, maybe I haven't looked hard enough?

  12. As far as I know Buildasoil.com is still fine for many items. I've ordered neem oil from them in the past and it was cheaper from them then it was directly from neemresource.com - go figure. I believe that they do buy bulk and then break it down into smaller amounts for sale to the consumer. They are out of Colorado and the owners name is Jeremy.

    Good luck!

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  13. Thanks Jerry for all the help. I haven't got far enough on either site yet to see shipping costs . That may be a factor on if order from neemresource or buildasoil.

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