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    Remaining Changes for Conversion :
    • Database & Search Server improvements
    • Attachment Conversion :100 % completed
    • Blog Conversion : Completed   Blog Attachments on hold
    • Photopost Conversion ; Completed
    • Missing new functionality installations In Progress
    1. Responsive Style\t
    2. New Search UI 
    • User Group Privileges & Permissions In Progress
    • Mobile App   : Pre Submission State / Android Application is submitted to Google Play Store.

    Please use this thread for bug reports and please make sure to describe the issue detailed..
    Bugs :
    • Quick Edit not saving
    • Search Results making funky plays like displaying 1 item per page. : investigation in progress
    • Subscribed threads not correctly displaying subscribed threads : investigation in progress
    • Pagination dropdown fails to load correct thread page , redirects back to forum section
    • Mobile Style pagination broken : investigation in progress
    • Next Unread thread link broken : in progress
    • New Search UI : tab urls not displaying the results under ajax
    • Warning messages not correctly displaying for users : fixed but fix not rolled live yet

  2. Please fix the "Content I follow", there is no 100% working link to all subbed threads as far as I can see. Although I am mighty high.
    Everything else is extra groovy, except somebody has forgot to add the rep button :bolt:
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    "My Content" seems to be, on the first page anyway, closer to what my Subscribed Threads should look like than "Content I Follow". But then I go to page two and it's one thread from three days ago, page three is one thread from five days ago, page four is one thread from eight days ago, so on and so forth. :confused_2:
    Edit: Oh, and the signature edit option is available for me but the avatar edit option isn't :p 
    Thanks for all your hard work gnik :D 
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    My Content issue seems to be related to a search bug , i added that to the list..
    All uploads are kept disabled at the moment till we get conversion 100% complete. Avatar , signature , attachment , gallery etc,, will be functional when we are done.
  5. For me the edit functionality seems to be back in place at the moment. Can anyone else confirm this ?
  6. Yep, editing is working fine for me :smoking: 
  7. Looks great gnik, thanks!
  8. Several of my threads have picture links that no longer work since the upgrade and I cant fix it as i cant edit my post after a certian amount of time. Lets be clear, the links are still vlid but your upgrade screwed up the threads.   I worked hard to make these threads on BHO making, these threads are #1 on internet search engines and now they are messed up by the recent upgrade :confused:  Anything you cn do would be great.
  9. subscribed threads page is messes up.
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    Another thing, the site is glitchy.  It is slow and unresponsive and the server is slugish as hell.  Also what happened to the reputation rankings? It reminds me of photobucket and the many reasons I no longer use that service.
    Attachments aren't available yet. Be patient, it's only temporary. :p
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    Just curious, will the Today's Posts feature or something similar to the previous "New Posts" button be available when the conversion is complete? 
    EDIT: Oh, nevermind! I see that's in the "What's Going On" link. Very cool! :D
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    Today I can't see who has posted, unless I hover over their Avatar.
    Still no post edit option for me. (Can now, but only in full edit).
    All Avatars and sig pics have shrunk to about a 1/4 inch square. (Except the huge YouTube one's).
    Keep on plugging gnik, it can be a long thankless job, but many truely appreciate the efforts. :smoke:
    Clicking the smilies result in a jumbled together pile of smilies. A right arrow click moves them off the page and they do not return with the lft arrow click. Show all, does bring up the pop up.
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    What is the whole Warning points deal, It says I have one, but then shows nothing or no reason for it. I had one infraction before, so is it something that transfers over or?? How does the points thing work?
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    I figure that's probably still being worked out. Switching from the infraction/warnings on one system probably translates weirdly to a whole new system. I'd give it a few days until the upgrade is actually complete before worrying about it. 
  16. Also, what happened to the little green squares that held our forum status? What happened to all the photos?
    Reputation is not a feature anymore, and attachments have not been converted to the new system yet, they will be available later. 
  18. Anyone know when the App will be released for the new update? Kinda hate to use a desktop or laptop to browse the forums. That's my only concern at this moment. 
    Although, I do like the option to change the template to any color on the palate, it would also be a nice addition if default templates would be entered as well.
    Keep up the great work ~
  19. Thanks, I figured I'd wait and see, either way it makes sense to me.
  20. Just navigate to forum.grasscity.com in your mobile browser. It has a mobile version now. :smoke:

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