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Bugging out for weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sporkz, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. wow man i had an adventure today i started bugging out from some weed that i smoked. I haven't smoked any weed for maybe a week and a half now cause i've been broke, and today my friend asked me to give him a ride to the mall and he would spark me up cause he quit his job and wanted to pick up his paycheck and tips from dave and busters. He had some weed on him like a .4 .5 maybe and we smoked a pinner joint and i haven't smoked for so long i got blasted as shyt. I started cracking up for everything he was telling me. We get to the mall and i start bugging the fuck out doood like crazy thinking he was using me to get a ride to the mall and he stayed working at this job and was just telling me to give him a ride. Turns out i left him at the mall cause i was bugging out and left and hes calling my phone for me to pick him up. Shyt was crazy i've been smoking for 4+ years now and damn this shit has never happened to me. But whatever he left some stuff in my car and when he found a ride home cause i was bugging out i returned his stuff to him and everything is str8 now.
  2. bullshit you havnt been smoking for 4 years..

    jp man, prolly just some really really dank weed :smoking:
  3. Maybe he sprayed it with raid? ;)
  4. 4+ years of blazing and you forgot your friend at the mall and flipped out on a pinner joint? I hope it was some dank for your sake, if it wasn't, maybe try and find a psychiatrist.
  5. I almost beat the shit outta two dumb motherfuckers that tried to get me to smoke a raid laced blunt... thank god the kid who hit it before me freaked out - so I demanded they tell me what the fuck was wrong with it.
  6. lmao yeah man i got really blazeddddddddd haHAHAHA was some funny ass shyt. And yeah i have been smoking 4+ years and i only smoke chronic that fire ass miami chronic :-D!
  7. Maybe it was laced? Either way, i love getting that blitzed
  8. I personally do not smoke joints or blunts when i am not 100% certain of the content. Some people could put coke or pcp and shit in there jays so i aint even tryin to have none of that nahimsayin?

  9. so wai a minute.........ur tellin me that i can get retarted if i put raid bug spray on my budz!?!?!?!/1


    just kiddin. :)

    what the hell? you just left him at the mall? haha must've been good ass weed.
  10. BTW, what exactly does raid do when smoked?

  11. Haha word man.
  12. LMFAO! I could just picture this, What the fuck man, where did you go, oh did I leave I thought I just came back out to the car to wait for you, meanwhile your 20 minutes away in your warm bed shaking.

  13. bump, hehe. i'd kinda like to know
  14. My friend did something liek that. We smoked out of a four footer and he gave me ride home then was driving some friends around town for drugs. My buddy had like $300 dollars and 50+ pills. One of the friends kept pulling out his knife so my buddy made them get out and he icked them agian.
  15. This is pretty off topic but I went to dave and busters before while visiting my friend in miami. That place is such a ripoff.
  16. if you in miami get at me
  17. "Caution: Harmful if swallowed or absorbed through skin. Avoid breathing spray mist. Avoid contact with skin or clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling. Provide adequate ventilation of area being treated. Do not apply to humans, pets, or plants, or contaminate feed, foodstuffs, dishes, or utensils. Cover and avoid spraying fish aquariums. Cover or remove exposed food, dishes, utensils, and food handling equipment. Keep out of reach of children."

    according to the Raid website.

    "Physical or chemical hazards: Flammable. Contents under pressure. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flame, or pilot lights."
    we ridin' spinnas.

  18. THAt ShIT FUCKS YOU UPP! LikE MEsCaliN MayNe

  19. Hopefully nobody on this board is stupid enough to have ever tried that.

    I guess it'd probably fuck your lungs up hardcore, and leave chemicals in your lungs that'll be in there 'till the day you die. You'd probably regret it ;)
  20. You can get chemical pnuemonia from doing that. Chemical pnuemonia is not cureable. I highly reccommend that no one do this!

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