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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by I do work, May 16, 2010.

  1. Hey all, woke up this morninig to about 5 or 6 little black things flying all around my box... little worried theyr gonna fuck something up and was wondering what i should do to fix this? i have some sticky traps lying around the box now, and was thinking of adding a little pesticide or spraying the outside of the box with something? Will this work WITHOUT harming my baby?
  2. I'd find out what your dealing with first. Fungus gnats, Aphids, ect. Sometimes the pesticides will do more damage than the bugs. Also the type of pesticide in relation to the type of pest is important. Soil or hydro ?
  3. if their fungus gnats, they will lay their eggs in your soil and their larva eats your root system it can fuck your plants up if it gets bad.. try putting cedar chips on top of the soil so they cant get to it and wait till your soils bone dry to feed them. they like wet soil..
  4. o and pesticides dont really hurt your plants when their veg. when flower i would be more cautious. but im pretty sure when you flush them, it will flush out the pesticides if you end up having 2 use them.
  5. fungus gnats can be killed by putting a few inches of sand on top of your soil. I recommend running some plastic lines and a funnel to water though. Its a pain trying to water through sand. Nobody tells you that though. :mad::p
  6. Thanks everyone, i addded some sand on top and i'm trying to catch 1 of the lil fuckers to figure out what they are.
  7. Workin with FFOF, and im gonna wait on pesticides, i got my good ol pest man to come spray around the room and lay some more sticky trap.

    And what if i just changed rooms for a few days, then returned to my original spot with fresh soil and pots?
  8. Ah Fox Farm. I like their line for soil grows. I'm going to be quite honest with you here, pests are a huge pain in the ass. Some more than others. I used to think spider mites were the worst thing I could get. That was until l I got Aphids. Aphids make spider mites look like the pus*ies of the insect world. Little organic dish soap are water, spray a few times a few day apart and never look back for spider mites.

    I'm currently getting ready to take some time off and bomb the whole place because of Aphids and Fungus Gnats forming an alliance against the trichrome people of weed forest. Catching em early and prevention is key.

    I've been using Azamax as of lately. This after researching many chemical and non chemical options. Even tried hot water dunking the roots on one tub. You can probably guess how that turned out. As for if their fungus gnats it's all good advise. I've heard using sand can smother the roots of Co2 however, but who knows. I put potatoes on the surface for a while to lure the larvae. In the end I ended up buying beneficial nematodes to eat the sons a bitc*es. If they turn out to be winged Aphids... well, let me know so next time I don't have this problem. The Azamax does seem to be helping though as this crop looks like it'll make.

    Anyways, I'm just rambling on here. The bugs will likely just go with you if you change rooms.
  9. I think I meant to say Roots of Oxygen. I don't know, I just remember reading somewhere to use something else like pea gravel. At this point in the day who knows though. Anyways good luck with the bugs.
  10. So i woke up today after cleannin abunch of my shit and i'v waitied since i originally posted this thread to water, well about to water maybe, and i dont see any gnats. Am i in the clear or should i be cautious about my watering and potentially still buy pesticide?
  11. disturb the medium run your fingure through ur soil or whatever if shit starts flyin u got fungus gnats.These are not that big a deal put up some sticky traps.And if you can water from the bottom and keep top layer of soil dry they'll slow down if not dissappear. You shouldn't need pesticides for fungus gnats the're more annoying than they are a threat.
  12. during veg try watering with a light neem solution. bt will also kill the larvae.:smoke:

  13. If you see no bugs for 2 weeks your probably clean again. (life cycle of a fungus gnat)

    You probably won't get all of them for a while. Control is the key with gnats provided they are gnats. root aphids do the same thing but are dangerous to your plants and must be eradicated.

    Sounds like you have them on the run. Keep killing the adults daily, and keep that sand in place.

    You'll most likely be fine. I say most likely because there are no absolutes. :smoke:

    Next time, bake your soil.

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