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  1. Im getting lil bugs like nats in my grow box just a few but regardless,

    Is this harmful to my plants
    Is there a healthy way to kill them
  2. check the post in my link about pests, scroll down, might be on the second page, it will help you identify what you got what they do and how to get rid of it
  3. Maybe purchase some lady bugs or praying mantis eggs some where. I don't think they would harm your plants. If you decide praying mantis just be sure to put the eggs in a paper bag and put it somewhere warm if not you might have hundreds of them flying in your room.
  4. the are fungus gnats. First thing you need to do is cover the top layer of your soil with sand. This will suffocate the larva. Next stop watering! This is probably happening due to over watering. let your plants dry all the way out before you water again.
  5. Try getting a pest strip called "Hotshot" at home depot or lowes for like 8-10 bucks. And while the lights are off turn off all fans and let it do its thing. After doing this once or twice in the first week you can switch and do this once every week or as needed. They Last about 1 grow and work great with no harm to your plants.
  6. Ya that will take away the ones that are flying around at the surface. The problem is in your soil.
  7. yea those are fungus gnats and they come from over watering. i did not like the sand on my plants. so i got the little rocks from hydro growing. and u can put slices of potato on the top of the soil. the lava will come up to the potato. so u can get rid of them like that but just like stated before stop water. let it dry out before u water it again. good luck:smoking:
  8. Thanks guys

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