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  1. They look like gnats and them little bugs that sworn around your outside porch light at night I think that's what they are. Are they just attracted to the lights? They don't seem to be messing with my plants. Any suggestions besides keepin my apartment shut lol. I'm in a small one bedroom apartment so I'm usually in and out all the time I'm pretty sure that's my problem

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  2. Couldn't tell you what you're dealing with but you could always try Neem Oil to help protect your ladies. 
  3. Where do I find that and how do I use it?

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  4. They even sell it in the supermarkets in the health nut section.

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  5. Thanks guys
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    If they come out when you water they are most likely fungus gnats. More of an annoyance until they are of infestation level. If you got a shit ton of them then they are probably feeding on your roots and weakening your plants. If it is just a few then try to kill them anytime you see them and apply the neem spray. The neem spray is also found at Walmarts (at least mine). I have them too... if you use soil it is almost impossible to keep them out but keeping them minimized is key.
    If you have a shit ton of them then you will need to apply a neem "tea" to the soil to try to kill the larvae. Spray the soil every 3 days for 4 applications and that should eliminate the infestation.

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