Bug problem. Please help.

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  1. Short detail on the grow. Don't have any room in our new house so we set up a 10×5 space in the garage so not very bug proof but it is what it is for now. Flies are a nuisance and will be setting up some fly strips but their are tiny green bugs on the plants and holes in the leaves. Wondering if anybody knows what they are and how to get rid of them without hurting the plants. Sorry for the poor photography.

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  2. Neem oil is good for bugs, check it out :)

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  3. Cool. Thanks
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  4. They are aphids. Killed them all. Will keep checking up on the plants daily for awhile
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  5. Use this. It's called caliclean. Be in well ventilated area. Neem oil is hard to rinse. This is a natural option. Works amazing. I wore a painters mask while making it as it is pepper spray. When applying wear gloves and a hoodie. Plants love it can apply 3 times a week to ensure aphid destruction

    1.) Get a sauce pan - fill with one pint of water - put on lowest flame possible (do not boil !!!).
    2.) Chop 4 -5 Habanera peppers fine. Chop open seeds and central membranes, as the power lies there.
    3.) Simmer chopped peppers for 20 minutes - making sure not to boil (you will destroy the active proteins).
    4.) When you put your head over the pan and the wispy-steam stings your eyes, the Calicleaner is ready.
    5.) Pour the Calicleaner through a fine mesh strainer - a little fine grit is OK - let cool in a clean bowl.
    6.) Pour room temperature contents in a mister spray bottle. Your are ready to apply.

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