Bug/mite? Mag def? Help please

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  1. I ran into mag deficiency about a week, week and a half ago. Thought it was mites at first, then got cal/mg and the problem went away super quick on all 3 of my plants. Now out of nowhere its starting to have little brown/black dots starting again. I was hoping to get a second opinion, I upped the dose of nutes for her ( i hope) from 155 to 345 ppm. You think by adding more cal/mg and other nutes (GH Grow Micro Bloom, as well as GH Rapid Start & GH CALiMAGic) it will remedy this?

    When dealing with mg def do you have to continually add a higher dose of mg/cal to prevent?

    Also the strain pictured is Bodhi Dream lotus. The yellowing and tip burn is from the def a week ago. The little spots which is on 3 or 4 leaves now is the first sign

    Currently veggin em under 4 bulb t5 216 watt 24/7
    80 F 50% Humidity
    good air flow with two fans

    I just found this as well, on a diff plant. Shes a afghan kush x white widow. Looks like a bug went to town on one set of leaves, no other sets have been affected. I looked closely and could not find anything to indicate a bug/mite. Maybe just bad genetics? It is a freebie i got in the mail with the tude.

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  2. sometimes stuff just does grow funny man.. whats your P.H. at ? yeh id say up the cal/mag.. but id watch throwing all the other things in there in case you are burning it..
  3. Looks like nute burn to me.Have you fed?If so its early for feeding.After poping they can go a few weeks with no food easily.

    If you have fed flush,and let it be.If you havent it may be a PH issue.

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