Bug in my bed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 4smells2like0, May 20, 2010.

  1. DISCLAIMER: If you are munching on something, close this page because I don't want to ruin your food.

    So I was just lying in bed watching UFC, bout to fall asleep. All of a sudden I feel a little tickle on my asscrack and I figured it was just my boxers, so I try to readjust them. Well sure enough I actually feel something through my boxers on my asscrack. I pinched it really hard and pulled my boxers off and shook them out and out falls a little fuckin roach (not the good kind) that was about an inch long. IT WAS IN MY FUCKING ASSCRACK. I damn near threw up everywhere :(
  2. Thats a terrible feeling. Fuck bugs
  3. Yeah dude. I'm not a pussy but spiders and roaches make me fucking squirm
  4. That sucks op. one time when i was pouring me some corn pops a spider came out of the box and into my cereal, it was 5 years ago and i havent eaten corn pops since:(
  5. That's terrible man, roachs freak me the fuck out! Call pest control yo
  6. Damn, I hate how little bugs can fuck with us so much. And to ruin something as great as corn pops. Damn shame.
  7. LMAO u got roaches living up ur ass crack man. thats hilarious. I think im gunna stop eatin on my bed now
  8. What you think is hilarious, I think is emotionally scarring. I'm gonna have to undress every time i get an itch or a tickle for the rest of my life
  9. haha i hate roaches man
  10. one time i witnessed a cockroach crawl up someones clothing, and bite them.

    fuckin creepy shit
  11. Is anything dirty in your room or bed? When I was little, we had a huge tv stand that my brother had in his room.. He spilled cereal behind it and must've forgotten to clean it all up, because we found a roach. Out comes the RAID. Okay, right? No. We kept finding those little bitches. They had nested inside his tv stand, by the cereal. Nasty ass fuckin' shit.
  12. Without bugs we would have no eco-system.
  13. Should have got a lighter, laid the roach on the counter, and scorched the fucker.

  14. Hmmm..... hopefully this was a joke?

    If not that's a lil bit uncalled for...

    anyways it was just a bug... it makes me giggle when guys freak out so much over them. I don't like them either, but I sure do get a good laugh when my boyfriend jumps bc of them :laughing:
  15. One morning I felt something on my arm while I was half asleep and I thought it was like a piece of string from the sheets or something...So I go to wipe it off and I hit something and im like wtf, so i throw the blankets off of me and it was a fucking baby lizard on my arm...:eek: scared the shit out of me
  16. yeah man bugs and food dont mix...unless bugs are food.
    coincidentally i was just trying to get my dog to eat a potato bug that was going across the floor, she was not interested tho.
    bout a week ago i was putting some garlic powder on my pierogies and noticed, not for the first time, something small and black in the container. This time i decided to get it out (for some reason thinking it was just something that had been burned in production)...it was a dead fly....ive been using that garlic powder for weeks.
    i picked it out and sprinkled some ontop. 2 months ago that would have grossed me out, but im finding since i had a head injury 2 months ago there are a lot of little things about me that have changed.
  17. you should smoked the roach
  18. Any real man can take on a bear but no man in existence can keep his cool around a fucking cockroach.

  19. It was a joke in hopes someone would quote me.
    Mission Accomplished.
  20. I guess you missed the part where it was crawling in my asscrack

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