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    Im finding these bugs all over all my sticky traps. Im noticing leaf damage that looks exactly thrip damage.
  2. Looks like thrips 2 me
  3. Will nematodes work on thrips?
  4. Lady bugs!! Work great. Use those and do neem teas. Neem oil did zero for me against thrips . I battled them for months . Used every organic safe product. What finally worked was lady bugs and neem teas as soil drench and foliar . They have 3 stages of life. So it's multiple treatments

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  5. I was just looking into lady bugs... Good to know.

    I jist did a round of nematodes and they smashed my gnat problem. Need to do another application. Was hoping yo kill 2 birds with one stone.
  6. Spinosad kills thrips dead. Usually in just two or three applications.
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  7. I've never had ladybugs do a damn thing in my garden other than look pretty.

    It's a shame they enjoy light suicide as well, which is slightly better than cleaning them out of sealed hoods.
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  8. Spray them with sugar water . Stops them from flying around. It makes the wings stick. Also spray sugar water on the areas you want the lady bugs to stay in . The sugar will attract them to those areas . If you don't spray them with sugar water they will move on quickly . I actually just put 2 caps full of cola in the spray bottle and filled with water. That worked great .

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  9. 3rd world countries have been known to use pepsi and cola as a pesticide because its toxic chemicals that replace real sugar.
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  10. Diet soda*
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