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  1. I decided to take a look into my soil in the straw mulch and i found a bunch of these small rust colored mites/bugs. The plants all look very healthy, but i know bugs can get out of control fast if not taken care of.

    I need help identifying these. Very small and the best pics i can do.

    170704_102054.jpg 170704_102030.jpg 170704_102135.jpg 20170704_101805.jpg
  2. Looks like a dust mite
  3. It is definitely a arachnid family member
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  4. It did have 8 legs and looked to be a clear butt.

    I just wanna know if they are good or bad mites.

    After reading @ElRanchoDeluxe post it looks like they are good mites. But i just wanna be sure.
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  5. Pretty cool, eh?
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  6. Def interesting I love learning new things
  7. Definitely can't be bad. My h miles don't mess with them. My h. Miles and nematodes decimated my fungus gnats.

    Now I have spider mite hunters on the way. I noticed a couple tryna snatch mah crops
  8. As of this week i have sprayed captn jack deadbug and then 3 days later insect soap and neem oil.

    From what i can tell i think i wiped out the gnats. The thrips i havnt been able to get a good look with the lights on yet.

    I have some nemotoads on order. How do they work? How should they be applied? Do they reproduce and live in the soil for a while?
  9. Water the soil first. They move better through damp soil.

    Apply with pump sprayer

    Water them in.

    I like to do 3 rounds. They're good for about 2 weeks after you open them.
  10. Good to know.
    Im sick of gnats and now i found thrips. The gnats have been with me snice the start. I use blumats and my soil is always a little damp. Was using mosquito bites and neem for atleast 3 weeks straight and seems to be doing nothing.

    This week only switch to deadbug and soap. Next week il release the nematoades.
  11. I tried it all but the nematodes did it. I also run h. Miles. Use sticky cards too. You have to give them a little help to give them a chance to overpopulate
  12. Iv gone through so many sticky traps. Im noticing now lots of larvae on the traps.

    What are h.miles? Im trying to avoide all pesticides but somethings you gotta use them.

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