Buffalo Wings: Food of the Gods

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. There has to be an appreciation thread for this delicious snack/meal. The hotter the better!

    Just got back from the gym, picked up 20 Habenero wings and about to munch 'em on down. So damn tasty. Got to have them with the thick sauce too. None of the wimpy, watery shit they try to sell sometimes.

    Also, blue cheese. No ranch. Ranch is for finks. Thats saying a lot, especially since I don't even know what a fink is.

    All hail the Wings.

  2. Boneless wings are better. Mm honey bbq boneless wings..
  3. Mmmm..wings are the shit.:D
  4. I can taste that picture. Wings are the shiznit!
  5. I want some more. Finished 'em, smoked a bowl and now starvin' for some more.

    Thank God for delivery.
  6. Hey! bullshit lol ranch could kick blue cheese's ass. Both are good but when it comes to wings, you can't even come close to the ranch. Repect the master of the wing dressings! :cool:
  7. Haha. I got a funny story about buffalo wings.

    My sisters ex and I went out to get some buffalo wings from this place called the Wing Dome. (Him and I were really cool with eachother and hung out even after the break up) Anyways. We get ALL KINDS of wings. Just a huge ass platter of like 10 different wings.

    Anyways, we scarf those fuckers down. At the Wing DOme they have different alarms for how hot of a wing you'll get. So, we get I believe it was a 12 alarm buffalo wing. Hottest one they have. Fucking comes out smothered in this thick ass sauce. I'm like...wtf. So we both stick our finger in the suace and lick our finger. Mouth on fire instantly! Not even kidding. Hottest shit ever.

    Anyways. We got a plan and we head over to my best friend's place. I'm like...yo, try some of this, it's amazing. He tries just a tiny bit and the look on his face was priceless.

    Then we find his older brother and tell him to eat some but we tell him it's hot, just not THAT hot. He take a little bit and we are like...don't be a pussy, eat more. He take a whole finger full and swallows that shit. He's like...you motherfuckers! Then he runs to the kitchen and drinks...I shit you not...a whole gallon of milk.

    It was amazing.
  8. Bah! Fink.

    Ranch sucks so hard that I use it to wash my mother's bunions.
  9. And agreed. We all know that ranch was made for buffalo wings. :eek:
  10. Ranch was made for carrots
  11. I did the exact same thing to my little bro. But, it was a place called "Buffalo Wild Wings" up in Ohio. And the sauce is called Blazin'. Hottest, best wings sauce ever.

    His nose was running, teary eyed. Great shit. :D
  12. Finks! You're all finks! Except for hoast. He knows Ranch's true place in the dressing kingdom.

    Bow before the Blue Juggernaut that is Cheese.
  13. That's where I go. Buffalo Wild Wings. Best place in the world, honestly. There's alot of them here too.
  14. Haha. Don't get me wrong, I LOOOVE cheese, but in my family, ranch is the dressing for buffalo wings :smoke:
  15. I'm fuckin' starving now. Holy macaroni! Me wings be here!
  16. This thread needs more pictures:






  17. I see you got a glimpse of me at Buffalo Wild Wings that WILD night. (pun added for comedic effect)
  18. fuck dude throw some over here
  19. [​IMG]

    dude whenever I'm stoned I love everything spicy it tastes almost sweet
    but when I'm sober 1 drop of hot sauce will kill me

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