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Can burocracy and forms and extensive record keeping hold the answer to.... anything?

  1. Yes. 'tis impreitive that we maintain thorough records, not only for our benifit, but for the b

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  2. No. extensive beurocratic practices only prove to be more hinderance to society, than help.

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  3. .

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  1. the utter fullest beleif in our ability to keep perfect records is the blind ignorant beleif that our language, inteligence and knowledge has reached an impassable brilliance the likes of which can encapsulate all knolwedge. ...this is not our language... or any language... and MOST DEFINATELY NOT the language of little tickable boxes!

    there is so much that either cannot be expressed in any current form of communication, or, cannot ever be expressed and need only be concieved within the moments of pure thought, unhindereed by any language structure.
  2. I say bullshit..

    Sometimes it's good to keep records..

    Other times is a waste of time and trees!!!!

    Congrads on 1000 post.. ::Does the digit 1000 post dance::!!
  3. thnx bud head...

    sorry i missed your 5000th post day.

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    for 5k it really needs to be something more special huh.

    i think we're nearing the age where there will be sooooo much that we won't ever need to record again because of our ability to find out the past through scientific methods, which would be more accurate than human records anyway.
  4. A levitated dance.. I feel special!!

    I do believe when people write parts of history they do it through their own eys..

    They may see things as only they may see..

    Scientist should be able to tell more about natural happenings than we can read in books..
    They find new discoveries every day and are able to tell when it happens and usually why!
  5. I was recently reading 'On the Use and Abuse of History for Life' by Nietzsche, he explains my main point quite well:

    It's not just our ability to understand things that seperates us from the animals; just as important is our ability to control and maintain our thoughts, even if the means aren't perfect. No language or form of communication can be perfect, it's what evolution has created so that we can do more than react to any particular circumstance but to also look ahead and to the past and learn from them. Somehow that ability has also developed so that we can create completely new thoughts only loosely based on what is, but ultimately our most abstract notions are still grounded in reality, and in my opinion anything that's real can be discerned as a pattern and therefore it can, eventually, be represented through communication of some sort in the best way possible at any particular point in time, if not in any 'perfect' manner. In fact, just as someone would compress a large file with a computer so that they can transport it easily our nature is to compress anything that we create to communicate; i.e. to do the same thing with less work and resources. This way knowledge becomes a process, without past beaurocracy, as innefficient as it may seem now, we wouldn't have the knowledge that we do. It may not have been perfect then, it isn't now, and I hope we never percieve it as being that way. If knowledge is a process it shouldn't end, if we think we know everything there's not much point is there? At that point our infrastructure will immediately begin to crumble as less and less will think of knowledge as necessarry. Beaurocracy becomes knowledge when it's reduced to it's simplest incarnation while still doing the same job. The cost of unecessary beaurocracy is definitely worth the benefits.


    That is, by far, the best dance I've ever heard of. You'd have to be some kind of crazy yoga master or maybe a monk or a gypsy with mystic powers to pull that off though
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