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  1. Hey everyone... im one of them annoying new guys trying to get to know people, network, educate myself with your help, get my first grow on, and of course... puff puff pass...
    we got any budtenders in here? if so where at?
    I'm a budtender in LA ( san fernado valley ) 
    what do you like best about your job?
    howd you get your foot in the door?
    what do you hate most about your job?
    what kind of hook up do you get?
    are you in a PRE ICO club, or a "legit" club?
    Care to share any hints tips or tricks to being an amazing budtender... i mean, we have the easiest best job on earth.. lets try to make it even easier. 
    Hell it doesnt even seem like work.

  2. You have my dream job. I don't like you.
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    not a budtender, but as a consumer, the best budtenders are the ones that know about their strains. Not just what it tastes like or if it's a sativa/indica, or how "dank" it is. But what it's good at treating, like anxiety, hunger, etc. Leafly does an amazing job at this, by crowd sourcing all the info. But beware what you read, because these are all amateur smokers giving their opinion on what a strain does.
    also..boobs. lol.
  4. Awww the SFV clubs.. Fun times. Arguably the weed central of the world.
  5. I read a lot... Study study study, being a pro body piercer as well, I understand what the phase forever learning means... Things constantly advancing and changing... I try to stay on top of everything as much as possible as strains come in. Patients turn down other bud tenders and request me.... I love and hate it. I care about my patients not how dank that bud is....

    I think when your favorite patient passes away... It opens up your mind a little bit to what this "job" actually is.... It's so much more than what everyone thinks....

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