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  1. :wave:
    thats right my baby just started to show me her stuff this morning....:D
    i woke up to do my usual sit, smoke, and chat with her...and to my surprise:rolleyes:
    BUDS :eek:
    (imma post some pics later)
    i was so happy:D i actually started singing pretty loudly and drew a little too much attention to my deck lol, but anyway....
    i also have a quick question, can i buy foxfarms at like a local flower shop or do i need to order it online:confused: or could someone tell me of a good flowering fert, that i could get at my local flower shop:p
  2. you can use anything with a High Phosphorous rating.

    i use a chemical plant food 15-30-15

    dont cost much.

    Have fun.

  3. for best results you should use somethin that has at least a little of everything.
    beginning stage of bud, can still use veg food but only for like 2 weeks.
    then you must switch to somethin higher in P & K.
    @ the end you can use somethin that has almost no N. but lots of P & moderate amounts of K. hope this helps
  4. Tnx you guys...i think imma use some of my veg. food untill i get some for blooming but....do u think they sell fox farms products at a common flower shop????
  5. when you say flower shop, do you mean local hydroponics store?
    cause they would have it, or something like it. or theyll say come back in a couple days and itll be there.
  6. MG's bloom booster is good, you can get that at home depot, I'm gonna be using both foxfarms and MG.
  7. Congratulations
  8. thnx for all the feedbak!!!
    and suspect i really dunno what i ment by flower shop lol....i guess i was just thinking of a place where they sell flowers and stuff like that lol...now are these hyroponic stores different? I live in the states and i dont think ive ever heard of a hydroponic store being any where....i dot know....but that sounds like exactly what i neeed =]
  9. In canada where I live they have small stores that deal only with indoor growing supplies (example: Hydro Tables, Lights, speacialty nutrients and so on.)

    Lets see some pictures of your plant buddy :p

    stupid rain.

  10. look in your local yellowpages under hydroponic supplies.

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