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  1. I have about a5 plants and they all have balls at the top why is this happening, if they are alll male will i still get anything smokable
  2. balls mean males, throw em out
  3. hey Eric, sorry to hear all your plants are males. males arent smokable unless u make oil or hash. can make cannabutter as well, i believe.
  4. If they're all male, then you won't have to worry about fertilizing your female plants. Just let them grow to maturity and then harvest and make iso hash or something.

  5. ^Agreed.

    Unless....you are growing in an indoor chamber and plan to grow again (hopefully females) in there. If so, letting the males grow out will allow them to spew their pollen all over your grow space, so you will need to really scrub it down after growing out the males because that pollen can hang around and pollinate the fems in your next grow.

    You could always try purchasing feminized seeds, that's what I usually do.
  6. thanks guys i guess ill just grow em out they are outdoors by the way

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