Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by lavidaloca, Mar 30, 2003.

  1. Hi people!!!!
    I have a "white widow"plant growing outside in the garden,but think it may be budding too early as its only a foot high!!!!???????
    Is this normal???/
    the bottom leaves lookedliked they were dying,so have potted it on yesterday,do i cut
    these buds off?&wait for more too appear?
    Does buds mean its a female plant?
    Im new too all this,so thanks for your patience&advice!!!!!
  2. Welcome to the city!!!
  3. Yep if its buds on it its Sensimillia (Female) and what country are you growing in cause the season to grow hasn't started in the Northern Hemisphere so im guessing ya Austrailian rite!?
  4. No not in Aussie!!!!!!!!Sunny Spain!
    I had one seed in a bag of "stuff" with a seed in it,popped it in a pot(no pun intended!)put it under glass in early January and within 48 hrs it had sprouted!!!!!!!

    MUCH to my amazement !
    I have a homemade low greenhouse which it lives in,but i have had too raise the roof on it twice now,so its out into the garden for my girl now our weather is getting warmer!
    Thanx for the info,much appreciated.

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