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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tdgriggs, Dec 4, 2002.

  1. new member here. is this a "chat box" for reefer discussions?

  2. chat box for reefer discussions? yeah.. i guess it is :smoking:

  3. Actually it is a text receptical for marijuana conversations punk ;)
  4. marijuana, sex, generally a fun place to the pastor of the local church, should you decide to worship the beaver, we have a smoke dome, and 4 foot bong, always on the premesis, and should you not be able to get high, there will always be at least 3 other people getting high for you, should someone shoot your family we will call you a loser and tell you to go away, but if you kill your family, we will provide you with tried and tested ways to dispose of their remains...should you decide you like it, and actually stay, then we will make fun of you and laugh, and when you make fun of us, we will laugh, and then eat your children.

    so come in, smoke a bowl, and dont miss the services..

    pie and biskits served whenever mrs d thinks about it..

    also the chief resident will hook you up with bandages should you bring harm to yourself from flailing about after unsheathing excalibong.

    yFFF lil POOBAH welcomin ya to the bizoard!
  5. hehehe, namron when aren't you high? How the hell do you post over 3200 posts in a 6 month period... that averages to a post every hour and 20 minutes for the past 6 months... most impressive, giving the kudos here

    pass the excalibong dude ;)

  6. when i first got her i was really into it, i would think of some wacky ass shit to say to just about everything..then there are the almost conversatoins that i would get into with nubbin, or rmjl, or dirtyd, budhead, all of that helped alot. plus im an insomniac so i dont have shit else to do
  7. hell yea, insomniacs rule. id say im walking proof that one only needs 3 hours MAX of sleep each night, and i do just fine...twitch..twitch...
  8. I remember when Norm first hit the boards every fucking time I logged on he was here and he replied to everything kind of like Indianatoker ;)

    and not only didd he post alot, but they were like fucking novels
  9. one time i owned a page...just to see if i could, and actually made half ass legitimate posts.
  10. i had the last reply to every post on the "todays active threads" ... that was pretty cool :)

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