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Buds turning brown and sugar leaves dying

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Trevorweibel, Sep 11, 2020.

  1. I have a blue dream outdoor plant in late flower the buds have started to turn brownish and the sugar leaves are dying anyone know what the problem could be? I stopped giving it nutrients about 2 weeks ago 04691690-6E68-41CB-886C-27091FE3D0AA.jpeg 2F3A52AB-5134-4EDB-9E6A-7B71473377A0.jpeg 7C806D98-5EED-4FF6-8B07-651E97F30006.jpeg 579997BF-C130-4EED-ACF3-1AEC59C4CC3E.jpeg
  2. raining and humid lots lately?
  3. For sure humidity but do u have any lights hitting ur buds at night they sure look airy
  4. See the curling leaves aswell u probably have humidity issues with reveg
  5. If you were NOT spraying for caterpillars that could well be the problem.
    This is caterpillar damage.


    Caterpillars get into the buds and chew through the stem holding the buds in place and the sun soon dries and cooks the now free bud. Pulling it will come right out with zero effort and if you look and dig enough you'll find the eating bastard.
    BT Thuricide once a week every week is what I do.

    Botrytis is the other likely candidate. It is a fast moving fungus and it'll destroy the plant in short order.
    Of the two this looks more like your photos.
    Bud Rot. AKA Botrytis AKA Gray Mold.

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  6. I totally agree I'm just seeing alot more air through his buds. Urs still have some density
  7. It has been very humid these past couple of weeks and have seen bud worms on my other plant and not on this one there are no lights that hit it after it goes dark. I usually move them inside when it rains, the top cola is also starting to droop too
  8. Looks like classic bud rot to me.
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