Buds to get you high....online?

Discussion in 'General' started by Schmuland, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Hey,

    So this may be a dumb question but ive never tried it and im hesitant because of the amount of scams on the internet these days.

    On many weed site, especially this one...you can buy buds, and a large viriaty too.

    I live in Canada, and as far as i know weed is illegal here...like many places.

    Do these buds on this site...or many others actually get you high, like you would be if you got it from a local dealer?

    And if they actually do, and arnt some pretty lookin tobbaco lookin like the good stuff, then if i ordered some, wouldn't it be seezed over customs? SInce it has to go to canada to get to me...?
    Because then i would loose my money....
  2. NO. Theres ways to get actual weed online, but they don't have websites unless there scams. I only knew of one that was legit that had a site, and then he robbed everyone after he had a large clientelle base.
  3. Nopee, it wouldn't get you high. Don't waste your cash on that. Just get it from your local dealer if you're looking to get high.
  4. They're called M.O.M.'s, I don't know of any now but they are common in canada and there were a couple and who knows maybe now in the US, but it's something people don't talk about and are hard to find. You're the only person taking the risk by having it sent to you but through the mail is the safest way to deny it, which is how people do it on vaction. I know theres a man in canada who sells Budder hash which is 91% THC and very rare ($70/g) and only does canadian shipments, but that was years ago.

    either way it's going to be hard to find and at your own risk.
  5. dont talk if your not personally experinced, kundalini, and newbien, shut the hell up. not to be rude, but ur flat out WRONG

    i bought primarily off spiceworld420, i still do, the torch product there is BOMB, pretty much anything there thats 45+ for 3 grams will get u pretty much like mj does, and its all thc free, ive been passing my work drug tests 100% for the past 5 months cuz of it. im lookin into a new site now, actually just placed an order.. ill edit or post a new thread so people can stop making new ones and get misinformed, on whether its good or not.. also... TGLforum.com .v3 • Portal is a forum for reviewing spiceworld420 products.. its the shiiit
  6. I'm experienced with 4 different MOMS, so yes, i'm experienced. but i PERSONALLY haven't seen any actual sites that are legit. We can't list names, but all the sites turned to scammers like nice and zippy.

    he's askin about bud, not spice gold.
  7. Seriously? These "legal high buds" sound like a bunch of shit. Just buy real weed from a friend or something.
  8. Depends if you mean real weed. There are mom sites. I tried one, got fucked over for $200 but I think it was because my package was intercepted.

    If you mean 'legal highs' then dont bother. They do NOT work.
  9. how can i find a mom site...im hurtin

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