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buds taste like dryer sheets

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by cchow12, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. i just picked up a oz of some danks, i kept 2 dryers sheets by the bud to cover the smell of the oz, i smoked osme today and it kinda tasted like dryer sheets, can the dryer sheets odor get absorbed by the bud?
  2. yeah, a friend of mine had picked up some dank OG KUSH and he thought he was covering up the smell by putting in dryer sheets, and the bud tasted like dryer sheets.
  3. yes it can

    weed is a porous material, that will absorb odors and flavors.

    To keep smell down on some of the skunkier strains, use air tight food containers. :wave:
  4. From my experience: yes.

    The two times I received an O that had been "covered up" with dryer sheets it continued to still hold that dryer sheet smell. It faded over a few days but was still there a little bit in taste and smell until it was gone.

    I absolutely hate the smell/taste of dryer sheets on my bud...won't buy it if someone had to "hide the smell with dryer sheets" after my experiences with it...

    Air it out, it should help get rid of the smell/taste. If you didn't leave it on forever like the guy I was dealing with you should be able to recover it...
  5. yes notrious.:smoking:
  6. Yea, and the smell is made of chemicals I'm not sure are so great to smoke.
  7. the buds arent covered in dryer sheets, the dryer sheets are in the same desk where i keep my bud
  8. did you smoke any of the bud from your stash before you placed dryer sheets next to it? If so, did the bud you smoke taste like dryer sheets?
  9. no it didnt taste like this, i think they should be fine now cause i put htem in a mason jar
  10. That's mega odd lol...:hello:
  11. try to air it out, if you dont have the time or environment, you can cover the taste/scent with something better.
    try laying the bag flat on a table, and herd all your bud to one side.
    on the other side (where no bud is, or will come in contact with) place a small piece of fruit of your choosing,
    leave it there for a couple hours-day and the bud will absorb some of the fruity flavor.

    just make sure there is a little bit of ventilation, you dont want your bud growing no mold . hope I helped,

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