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Buds on pot plant are really small

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JennaCCP, Jul 14, 2017.

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    So I'm my burners Kush plant the buds look really small. It's about a month into the 12/12 cycle. A small amount of the pistons are a brown/red color. It doesn't "stink" either. It did have some bugs on it but I did manage to get rid of them. They're getting 32W 5000K LED lights.

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  2. You'll go through sets of pistils. No one can tell you much without photos.
  3. Here's pictures of it

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  4. I posted 2 pics in the comments
  5. What kind of light are they getting?
  6. What kind of nutes are you feeding them? Those leaves look a bit iffy

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  7. Smell will come much later. And those buds should fatten in a few weeks to a month.
    You want hairs turning orange. Just a sign of a maturing flower.
  8. Also you do have some sort of nutrient deficiency or maybe toxicity. Not experienced enough to tell you exactly what it is though. I'm sure someone will chime in on that.
  9. Super insufficient lighting
  10. Need more info. What lights are you using? What are you feeding her? What's the temps like? Had she had previous problems?

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  11. They're getting 32W 5000K LED lights
  12. Fox farms big bloom
  13. How many 32 w LED? Just one?! And the big Bloom is for veg-flower. You should be using the Fox Farms trio (grow big and tiger Bloom)

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  14. Just from the pics I can tell you have nowhere near the amount of adequate light in order to produce quality buds. Your bud size correlates to the amount of light provided.

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  15. There's 2 of them, what lights would work the best???
  16. Also, 5000k lies in the "daylight" blue spectrum, which is best suited for veg. You'll want something closer to 2600 or soft white for flower, something more in the red spectrum

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  17. That's the problem right there. No where near the amount of light. Ideally you want 100watts per square footage of plant space. You have far below what you need. If I were you I'd pick up a 300 watt Viparspectra LED light. You can find em on Amazon for around $80 and that would work perfect for you

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  18. You should also pick up the full Fox Farms nutrient trio (grow big, big Bloom, tiger Bloom)

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