Buds on plant smell like perfume

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  1. Hi guys, I'd appreciate any help or advice here, basically I'm in my 3rd week of flowering and my the bud-sites on my plant smell very strange, almost like a fake perfume type of smell. I've been giving it organic nutes every day. Am I doing something wrong or is it simply that the plant hasn't developed it's terpenes fully yet?

    It's in coco under a 400w HPS light, humidity around 25% temps around 80 degrees.

    Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions/advice.
  2. I'm sure it's fine, might want to get humidity up to 50 if you can
  3. Thanks :) is that so? I was always told a low humidity was great for growing cannabis, I'll try to raise it a bit
  4. I would think it's a good sign! When a plant smells it means it's a good strain and its doing well!! Pics

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  5. I'll have to take some pics during lights off cuz the HPS light messes with my camera, I agree the early signs of smell is a great thing, it's just the smell that I'm worried about; it's a fake perfumey type of smell, while other strains usually smell citrusy/gassy this smells different than any other plant I've grown before. But I'm hoping the smell will change and develop as the weeks go by. Thanks a lot for your input :)
  6. Ideally you don't want to disturb them when it's lights off time, from what I understand.
    You'd be better of taking one out if you can during "awake" time to get the picture, or maybe even just turning normal lights on for the wake-up, just long enough to get the pic then turn them back on shortly after.
  7. Have u smelled Durban Poison? There is a weird smell that turns out bomb! The candy dawg I just grew is like that! I am growing sour livers also! It doesn't smell bad like I thought it would! It has a good skunky smell. Some people have grown stuff that smells like cat piss! Oh are u old enough to remember Thai stick or weed! Smelled like cough syrup tatse like Jaeger IMG_20190530_043007_595.jpg

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  8. Yeah I've heard of cat piss...if it's anything like the real thing I don't care if it was twice as strong as anything going, I wouldn't want the motherfucker near me ha
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  9. I grew dp last year it smelt of orange peels mixed with fresh parsnips wasn't to keen o but the smell tbh

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  10. Wasn't keen on the smell I meant

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  11. Does this look okay? Yellowing of lower down leafs is somewhat normal right? It's not happening at a rapid rate

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  12. I'm not too sure to be honest, in that someone probably knows better...but...in my take it seems to be the lower leaves mainly where other larger leaves have "taken over" on top, so could just be that they are less useful at absorbing light and more usable to be absorbed by the plant.
    If anyone else cares to weigh in though? I'd listen to them more than I would me.
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  14. A camera pic during lights out will not effect the plants at all. Totally fine to do
  15. I try and black out the whole room before opening the door.

    I have the same humidity as you. It has been producing very frosty buds. I am concerned that it is too low as most plants do like humidity. I think the recommendations for low humidity has to do with rot and mold forming. If it is humid and wet, it has a greater risk of rotting on the plant before it is ripened. That is why I don't know how it is possible to grow outdoors in a humid climate where it rains a lot. I could see mold forming quickly.

    I use a spray bottle with the finest mist to add some moisture to the canopy. Since the humidity is 25% and I have fans blowing, I feel that the leaves absorb it within a few minutes and it is dry again. So I know people say don't mist during flower but I think with such low humidity, some moisture won't hurt. Any thoughts anyone?
  16. I saw a diagram that said that until the later stages of flowering, the strain odor has not fully developed yet. The 400WHPS gets hot. I have same and my ventilation sucks when I have door closed. So temps increase and the smell is different than when it is cooler. That might be something to consider. It doesn't smell at all like the buds I buy, it smells like a sweet fruit or something. Not bad smell, just doesn't smell like some piff yet.

    If it really smells bad, could there be any type of chemical leaching into the buds? I know there is something called ONA gel that is misused. It can leach into the buds and can be disgusting and toxic to ingest. I think even dryer sheets can have that affect so check the area see if anything like that could be affecting it.
  17. Certain strains just put off strange smells. Like Jah goo puts off a very weird smell.
  18. I remember walking through a huge grow many years ago that this rasta family had and having the limbs brush against my bare arms I was so surprised at how fragrant it smelled. It left such a good smell on my arms and I just kept smelling them all day because it was so intoxicating. I think its a certain stage they must have been in.
  19. I grow in everything from single digit humidity to 90%+ without any issue. Low humidity, plants drink more. High humidity I increase the air flow above and below the canopy
  20. I grow in 10rh average. In 115°

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