Buds not fattening up

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  1. Hey guys. I’m in week 4 of flower from when I saw pistils and my buds don’t seem to be fattening up. Am I just being impatient and they will fatten up in the next few weeks? Do my girls look on par for the week they are in?

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  2. Ur being inpatient bro if ir only in week 4

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  3. They fatten up at the end of flowering. Not the middle.
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  4. 4 more weeks will fatten them up. Might need 6 more.

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  5. I’m thinking your plants look great but your photo looks like your lighting is lean on the red side. That will affect bud size.
  6. It’s a mars hydro fce-3000. That’s just the way my phone took the picture.
  7. I have a Mars ts -1000 and it is super bright but lean on the red side. They could do without the 5000k diodes and replace with 2700-3000k. Just my opinion.
  8. I think I read some where that buds fatten up a lot during week 5 and 6 so don't want to do anything to hurt them during that time.
  9. Your plants look normal, it takes a while to see real flower growth. My planet of the grapes plants have had some crazy pistils for 2 weeks with no buds and I'm having a hard time being patient too. I'm hope big pistils means big buds lol.

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