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Buds losing weight?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by df47, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. So I had 2 ounces of different buds in a zip lock bag, both harvested, dried and cured a long time ago and when I have weighed them up they have both lost almost a full gram of weight over a period of a couple of weeks?
    I know buds lose their weight once dried but I know for a fact these were harvested ages ago so why would they be losing weight?
    Stored in a nice cool dark area also!

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  2. It depends on the RH.....if they were stored in say......60% RH and then changed to something like 40%......they will start putting out more moisture...
  3. So do you suggest storing them in a more humid area possibly? As they are in a dark closed off area at the moment

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  4. Some one pinching your bud maybe?
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  5. Did you take any stems or leaves off?? I KNOW FOR A FACT they can lose weignt quite quickly if/when they are still wet....ish............and in a jar to cure
  6. No there’s no way anyone could get to it, it’s locked up!

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  7. No I didn’t, these weren’t grown by me so I haven’t touched them why so ever

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  8. my theory; the bud getting drier (especially in a plastic bag which potentially degrades the weed) = weighing less over time but that's just my theory.
  9. Would you suggest leaving it in a bag but open then? I don’t know where else I can really store it!

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  10. Never store ur weed in a plastic bag for 1 and for two store it in a air tigjt jar with a humidity pack if for long term

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  11. Hi guys,
    This is the only place I feel I'll get the right answer.
    I dipped my seed in a glass of water and it was at the bottom of the glass when I looked at it after 18 hrs.
    Then used the paper towel method and the seed cracked open with a small tail.
    I prepared my grow tent using organic soil + perlite in the ratio 70-30.
    Watered my soil until it was following out of one end, left it for one day and sowed my seed half a inch the next day.
    I put in the soil with a small tail at the end of it , probably between half and a cm.
    My grow tent conditions are 85F and moisture at 90%.

    There is sprouting yet , can some one help me where I'm going wrong?

    5 th day and no sprouting yet , please help
  12. all that will do is dry it out and degrade it more than leaving it closed. invest in some mason jars like the dude mentioned above, humidity packs are also great. tbh, it could've just been the moisture/wetness from the nugs drying up or someone is pinching. the weed will dry so much before it will stop losing weight, so if it continues to lose weight i'd make sure no one is pinching your stash

    theres a growing section on the forum for this stuff, your question may've already been answered in another thread. search for it and maybe you'll find it.


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