Buds have no scent. Need some help

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  1. So I'm in my last stages of my first grow. I flushed out my 2 Dosidos on Saturday. They are both in 7 gal fabric pots with FFOF and feeding GH flora series. Made some dumb mistakes like mixing nutes and forgetting to ph the water after that. Did that twice. And didnt calibrate my ph meter. So now I'm close to harvest and still haven't got any strong smells from my girls. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

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  2. Some strains smell more than others, and some don't smell at all.
  3. Quite achiever sthil might sit u on ur ass haha
    Looks trippy bro mean!
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  4. I hope so I still got about a week to harvest
  5. I’ve had strains that smell and strains that do during veg and then flower hits and it dies down or vice versa. I just grew a strain called washing machine by ripper seeds and it didn’t smell during the whole
    Grow ....at all lol. Probably the best stealth strain ever, u could walk up to her and it just didn’t stink lol. Just depends on strain I would
    Think , I wouldn’t worry about it
  6. Your right I'll just wait and see how she smokes
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