Buds are not burning in pipe.

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  1. I am not sure if this is my pipe or the pot I bought at the dispensary. The buds smell good but they are greenish and would not get lit. For each hit, I had to use my lighter. I only smoked a small bud but I have some prerolled joints that burn really well. What can I use with these buds that will ensure proper smoke?
    I have tried oils (CBD, THC) but that takes two-three hours to hit me, but when it hits I am out.
    Please, any ideas or advice would be welcome.
  2. It's hard to say without being there, but... If the buds are still a bit wet they won't stay lit. If the pipe is clogged, it will need to be cleaned to draw properly. If you aren't breaking the bud up at all but just putting nugs in whole, they won't light or smoke very easily. If the pipe has a screen the screen might be clogged.

    I'd check those three things first. If the bud is still wet, let it sit out until it dries out enough to smoke. If the pipe is clogged, clean it including the screen, if any. If you need to break the buds up some to make them smokeable, do that.
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  3. Might just be some dank bud and doesn't want to burn, I've had stuff like that before and I've had to pre-bust it ahead of time and let it dry off a bit before smoking it.
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    Hmm. The buds burn a little but they were out after a first puff, the buds inside were still green and potent. (smelly) Indeed I did not break them up enough. My pipe is new and I am trying to learn the trick with it as smoked pot lasts more this way. I may also go back to sublingual drop....(I was a very light user in my youth. and we never had this level of technology and choices legally. I saved a medical card cost by waiting for 2018. (I live in CA)
    My self-medication was alcohol and that IMHO is much worse to any person.
    Should I try to roll a very small joint with them?, the reason I do not like the prerolled is waste. I do not finish a preroll it can take me 4-5 times to finish a prerolled joint.
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  5. Just try busting the bud up more. Doesn't hurt to bust it a little extra fine. Promotes an even burn. Scissors work much better than finger busting especially for dense stinky bud.

    I prefer bowls that I can light, extinguish, and relight. Joints are a fun social thing, but certainly a waste of precious herb and I find I can't control my intake as easily as with a pipe or bowl.
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  6. Most pipes, with weed, require being lit between hits. (If I'm reading you correctly)
    Get a cheap grinder if the buds are too wet/dense. It will let you break it up a lot easier for even burning.

    Have you tried breaking down a reroll, then stuffing your pipe with that weed?
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  7. Not yet....but thanks for the idea.
  8. Let it dry and get a grinder; end of problem.
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  9. Properly dried bud no matter how dank will burn just fine.
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  10. Yeah probably used the wrong word there. Sometimes when I get some stuff that's really good but still a bit fresh, or something that's super sticky and has some moisture in it for whatever reason I call it dank. I just really mean that it's got some moisture in it, is probably dense and not broken up well, compact, and hard to bust and burn. Same way I'd say the inside of a car is dank on a hot day with the windows up and no fan :p
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  11. Only way to blame it on the pipe is if the pipe is plugged up or never had a decent draw to begin with ..
    If the weed will not smoke in a joint its to wet .
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  12. That's from a grower that's too impatient to dry and cure correctly, hustling it of for a quick sell. That isn't what the term dank means
  13. The basic problem with most pot pipes is they need larger air ways …...

    You could suck on that pipe until the top of your head goes flat .
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  14. I like the old fashioned metal chamber pipes, with a new screen. Screens are 3¢ each, if you get a pack of 200, you can change it once a day or whatever and get a very strong draw. I also use a vape, and hardly ever smoke joints anymore, but like the OP I don't need big joints. A small joint rolled with a sheet or two of Rizla papers is fun once in a while.
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  15. the reason the pre rolls burn better is because the weed is already ground up so when you're lighting it, air flow is at maximum. you should invest in a pair of scissors and a shot glass or a grinder. either will do you wonders and will ensure maximum air flow when smoking from your pipe. a tip, you could use a very very tiny piece of your weed to plug the hole to where air still gets through but the ground weed doesn't suck through when you're hitting it
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  16. Allot of pre rolls are months old if not a year
  17. lol maybe from where you get them. never heard of this claim
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  18. This happens with me the day that I buy the herb. I usually leave the bag it is in open. The guy I get it from keeps it all in one mason jar. So it is good in keeping in moisture for distribution but it is not in the best form for smoking. If it's hard to light in a pipe, imagine, me, the joint guy trying to enjoy a joint. Not going to happen. So I always like to keep the buds out for some time to release some of that moisture and allow me to not only smoke it but break it up as well.

    I found a little case (kind of like what you would keep small screws or fishing lures in. That's where I put all of the stuff in when I get it home. It isn't sealed because it's a cheap plastic product so it allows me to be able to smoke my herbs in peace without having to waste lighters and get annoyed.

    This morning before I left to run errands, I took out nuggets from the case, and put them on the rolling tray I have. Just have to let it air out and you'll be happier!

    Have a nice weekend.

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