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  1. How does the weed u buy have bag seeds in, from what i have read and learned the only way to get seed is from using a female plant and a male plant to mix to get seeds so how do so many people get seeds in with there weed, i have never had seeds in the same bag as bud so i am astonished i have read all about bag seed but dont understand how, someone please HELP
  2. Hermies, self polination.
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    Your answer here is quite wrong, you seem to be saying you MUST have a hermie to get seeds.
    That is of course not correct, a male will pollenate any females nearby, that is nature´s normal way, males + females = babies.
  4. man Catharis you just love to Shoot ppl down.......this is NOT a wrong answer.....BUDDY

    like i said in the other post......I bet it was a HERMIE plant that pollinated ITSELF....why would a grower that sells pollinates plants on purpose....??????? other than breeding???
    Maybe its a new fad...selling weed with seeds.......

    HOW IS THIS A WRONG ANSWER CANTHARIS??? this is more probable than the grow bringing in males on purpose the pollinate....??? your stupidity amazes me....
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    Commercial growers are in for a quick profit. Do you really think they are scrupulous about pulling out males quickly?

    I will put down your insults to the immaturity of youth.
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    he means that hermies are the most common producer of bagseed, people throw out males but some keep hermies because they produe buds, and how did you manage to create "you seem to be saying you MUST have a hermie to get seeds." from mels 3 letter post?

    i wouldnt put it on stupidity, more like ignorence.
  7. If the weed is grown in a large field, it's going to have seeds. This is commercial "brickweed". It's cheap, will get you high enough, and it provides seeds (avg. 3-5 per gram of bud, not shake) to plant outdoors in inconspicuous areas without fear of it getting jacked.
  8. I'm shocked you managed to get that from my post I really am. I was just offering a probable explaination for bag seed. Of course I know its not the ONLY way for seeds to be produced I just see it as the most likley.

    Did you behave like that as a youth?
  9. Did you ???
  10. doesnt take much for points to be proven.
  11. I have never taken much notice of fools who quote their own posts. They obviously have nothing new to say.
  12. well there's no need to say anything new when what i posted the first time still stands to be corrected
  13. I put the insults down to the immaturity of youth.

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