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Discussion in 'Greenhouses' started by Bud The Med Toker, May 25, 2013.

  1. Hey guys long time since I posted on my tent grow but I have moved to a bigger project. 2013 is the first year there are established outdoor medical grow laws in Michigan, so I decided why the hell not? Its a 6 foot by 11foot greenhouse built on 4 mostly dead pine trees. I could realy care less if it only makes it 1 year. 1369503611880.jpg

    I got 2 clones from my cousin which I started in a grow tent a month ago and just started 2 seeds 3 days ago. I am not sure what the two clones are, I was high when he told me, but the seeds are gogi og 1369503713558.jpg

    And ch9 feminised

    And since I just finished the greenhouse last night ill be throwing them out there (atleast the clones) tonight. Any comments or questions feel free to jump in.
  2. Fuck yeah man! I'm liking it.
  3. Since rumorly it was the last frost a night ago the plants may get tucked outside again

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  4. Hey there Bud!  Nice to see a fellow Michigander on here.  I wish your grow good fortune the whole season through.
    I too am ecstatic about the new outoor guidelines!!!!!  I only found out today but I'm already thinking of a DIY hoop house.  I get all giddy just thinking about it ;) Hopefully i can make it happen next summer.
    Not trying to shoot you down, but your greenhouse has to be "enclosed on all sides except the base by chain-link fencing, wooden slats, or a similar material that prevents access by the general public."  It also needs to be "anchored, attached, or affixed to the ground" and have a functioning lock.  Check out House Bill 4851, it spells it all out.  Here's a link: http://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2011-2012/publicact/htm/2012-PA-0512.htm
    Now, if only the suits in Lansing increased the amount of usable medicine on hand.  I think 24OZ is reasonable; it's hopefully enough to last a pt til next year's harvest, and if one can grow twelve plants outdoors, it is impossible to stay within the 2.5oz limit.  It will also drive prices down for pts whom rely upon collectives for their medicine.  If a person is chronically ill, with medical bills etc, they may not be able to afford 300+ an oz for medicine, which, depending on their circumstances, may not last that long. 
    Sorry about the rant, didn't mean to hijack your thread Bud.  Good luck on your grow!
  5. 1 it has wood on all sides its like a box so that is set. And I'm pretty sure 4 big as tress growing in the ground are sufficient enough. Trust me I have an officer of the law as a neighbor. Everything is being followed cleanly. Here's even an inside pic to show the wood slats 1370006195416.jpg
  6. It's still not completely legal though, according to HB4851.  I not sure that that counts as wooden slats, I think it has to be on the outside.  The top needs to be covered/secured too.  I bet you could run 2x2 chicken wire along the sides and top, it's cheaper than chain link.  Plus it keeps people/animals out. Just putting ideas out there, I would hate to see you get raided and prosecuted. 
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    Doesn't have to be only wooden slats. It says or like material. The main point is as long as it takes tools to enter the greenhouse it is legal which is what I have done. The top also has chicken wire fencing on it. Trust me I have read it over several times. Plus with out a picture of the top how would you know it wasn't already sealed?
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    Just trying to help lol not looking for an argument
  9. Just remember on this forum if your assuming your making an ass out of you and me. For future reference
  10. No need to get snobby.  For future reference.
    I'm not going to turn your thread into an argument, so I'm done.  Good luck with your grow.
  11. Im not trying to be snobby. I am just saying you will run into people who are worse than me and are just pricks and will call you out. I under stand that you were trying to help but obviously I would try doing my outdoor grow as legal as possible as being a medical patient for almost a year and growing for 3. It is not hard for one to do an internet search to understand exactly what the law is which I have been doing since January (when it was just a bill). Plus in the end it doesnt matter in the end its a schedual one drug and to the feds weed is weed.
  12. Wassup fellow michiganders Nice homemade green house bro im thinkin of buyin 1 of those homedepot greenhouses. Im happy as hell they made outdoor grows legal. Cheak out my thread if u got the time bro.

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  13. It seems like quite a few people use those homedepot greenhouses. I might invest into one nextyear depending how long this one last. And I will take a look in yours. Its always good to get other peoples ideas in the noggin.
  14. Damn my phone blows....

    Gogi on left. Ch9 Jack fem on right

    Sweet deep grapefruit runt 1370707950400.jpg

    And SDG the bigger one
  15. No update in almost a month. What's going on mofo?
  16. my phones a piece of shit to load pics. And my laptop screen is fucked. so yeah thats about all
  17. Can't be no fucker harder than it is for the rest of us pussy. Oh and if you weren watching so much porn then maybe your computer would still work hahaha.
  18. Alright then I'll just have to come to your place and see them.

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