budlover13's Mother-In-Law Story Thread

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by budlover13, May 8, 2011.

  1. So idk how many of you Blades have MIL's, but i finally have one after 7 1/2 years of marriage without one, 3 years as a single dad, and now 3 1/2 years with a Mother-In-Law.

    Now, i know that they can be irritating, annoying, bitchy, critical, negative, money-hungry, selfish, self-centered, egotistical, Nazi, people. :mad:(Did i cover all the bases?) BUT, they can also be loving, warm, caring, thoughtful, helpful, insightful, family-oriented, loyal, and vicious in your defense.:D

    This highdea came to me while celebrating an early Mother's Day with my MIL. i love her, and used to let her obsessive negativity drag me down. Then i became VERY apathetic and withdrawn. NOW, i have decided that her stress is not mine to own and she would be much happier if she laughted a little more often. My wife, sister-in-law and her husband agree. So i decided to kill her with kindness while forcing her to do some serious self-examination. Not in a confrontational way, but rather through humor. i know her well(i used to do her lawn as a kid and was raised in the same church that they went to as well as my sister was my wife's best friend throughout HS), so i am treading lightly, but deeply.

    i thought to myself, "Self, SOMEONE else must be in a similar situation. There are SO many MIL jokes it's almost sad". SO, i searched the forums as i do before posting and didn't find "mother-in-law" on a thread search. So here it is. The GC Mother-In-Law Thread.

    Vent, joke, tell insightful stories, your "truths" about them, etc. NO hating. i put this in the Humor Forum SPECIFICALLY to keep this light-hearted. Therapeutic, but not a "Bash that Bitch" thread. There will be younger or single Blades that just don't understand. There will be older, married Blades that will know all too well. There will be YOUNG, MARRIED Blades that may chime in too. There may be OLDER, SINGLE folk that chime in. But in the end, we are all a Blade in the lawn called life. And i hope this thread gives SOMEONE else in the City a place to light-heartedly vent about their MIL experience.

    Peace to all and cherish those you love.


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