Budgeting, looking for input

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  1. Was just trying to see about how much the members on GC pay for things like rent, food, utilities, etc.

    Im movin out soon and i was looking for apartments out here near D.C. and 1 bedroom apartments are at least $1000 per month...??? How much do you pay/whats your location?
  2. Rent: $0
    Food: $0
    Utilities: $0
    Weed: A lot.
  3. rent: $4000
    weed: $300
    insurance & car: $1100

  4. Damn you livin good.
  5. $1,000 a month in DC would be for a studio at best....pretty much the worst area for people looking to rent/move

  6. I live on a hill over a city and drive an M3:smoke:
  7. Im only gonna be out here in D.C. for another couple months to finish this year of school then im gettin the fuck out. Shit is unbelievable expensive here. Even chinese takeout is like $11

    If its not too personal, can I ask what you do for a living??
  8. I am looking to move out soon myself but I am going to have a roommate to split the rent with.I'm glad I live in a small town cause there are 2 bedroom houses here that are cheaper than renting a studio apartment in a city.
  9. I'm an inventor, and entrapaneur I guess.

  10. Most of the people I know have left for universities, and the other people i know arent people you want to share housing with.

    Thats awesome.

  11. Haha it was kinda my only choice, i dont have a degree. Im 25 too.
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    Rent - 450
    Utilities - ~100
    Food - 50 every week or so
    Car Insurance 100 bucks
    Phone - 75 bucks..

    Everything but my car is split in half with my brother. I would reccommend getting a rommate to split stuff with.

    I unfortunately make 1,500-1,700 a month

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