Budget starter piece

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  1. Zob has some good shit for decent prices
  2. gogopipes.com has all blaze/black leaf w/o the name on them. Def comes off the same production line, I replaced a blaze 11 arm that I got off here for 60, with the same exact thing off gogo for 36 about a month ago. Fucking awesome value, it is 'china glass' but its real tough and stacks nicely. I got it exactly a week from when I ordered
  3. So many first pieces aren't blunts, it's so sad.
  4. Explain yourself blasphemer!
  5. The link you posted just goes to the weedstar front page but I know what bong your talking about, I actually have it. Heres what you need to know, the glass IS 5mm thick everywhere but the bottom. The bottom is MAYBE 2mm thick, that shit is almost plate glass. Other other huge downer is that the inline isn't reinforced to the tube, its just free floating almost which makes it almost non resistant to shock. I moved my laptop from the table to the bed, the edge of the laptop tapped the top of the tube and broke the inline out. It didnt hit the shit out of it either, it was a light tap from a not even 10 lb macbook.

    Also, the bowl they give you is insanely huge and useless without some kind of metal screen.

    I still have the tube because it still stacks like a champ without the inline. If this is just going to be your starter piece then I'd say go for it.

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