Budget price on lights and where can i find them?

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  1. What kind of light can i get that is goin to work, and can find them at a wal-mart?
    i know i need a 400 watt light, but can i go with any smaller?
  2. if you know you need a 400 watt light then why are you asking if you can go smaller. Doesn't make any sense.

    Take the time to formulate a question someone can actually answer and you'll get a better response. sorry :rolleyes:

    Also from the sounds of it, you need to read some FAQ's, guides, and noob related stuff to get you going, cuz you don't seem to have any idea what you're doing and no one is going to take the time to explain to you everything you need when all that information is readily available to you already.
  3. No need to be a smart ass about it. I know people use 400 watt or more, but i was kinda askin if u can use a smaller wattage. Okay..? is that good enough for ya
    and can u find them in wal-mart?
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    well that's better i suppose, however because it's still such a general question, i have to respond with about a book's worth of stuff to give you a good answer. This time i'll do it and only because i was an ass. However you should stop wasting people's time and just do some research yourself, you'll get the answers you need a lot faster than just being lazy and having someone answer it for you. Everything I'm about to tell you, you could have easily found on your own. I know the information is there because I've looked into it at some point and am now relaying that information to you.

    The amount of wattage you use typically depends on the type of system and how many plants you decide to use. Yes you can use less than 400 watts if your setup permits, however you generally need at least 100watts per plant.

    So short answer is no you cannot get that at walmart.

    Long answer, technically yes it's possible but i wouldn't recommend it. At walmart they have CFL bulbs which if you bought enough of them you could attain 100 watts a plant. But that just creates endless hassle and probably not end up being cheaper than getting a good ol' fashioned HID light. HID lights will you get you not only a lot more bud than CFL but better more compact bud as well.

    I have this nagging suspiscion that now that i've told you about CFL's you're gonna go out and look and see "oh my god these are 100 watt equivalent bulbs! perfect i only need a couple!"

    However that is not the case. If you're going to waste your time and money with CFL's you go by the actual wattage. not the equivalent. Equivalent wattage means nothing.

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