Budget newbie's journal- Auto-Cheese into Pandora's Box + Blue Dream

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  1. Wanted to start a journal before I went into my second attempt at growing.

    At the moment, I'm rocking +-100w of cheap CFLs in Make-a-lamp kits with hand me down equipment and soil (Humbolt something or other). Also, 2 of the CFLs are actually around 5k rather than 6500.

    After a little bit of turmoil and lots of help, my first ever girl (Auto-Cheese) seems to be well on her way, vegging pretty steady at around 35+days (don't remember the exact date started). Small, but pretty healthy lookin.
    poor pic w/ lights lifted for the shot


    Since that's looking so well and I have the room, I decided to step up and started 1 Blue Dream germinating along with 5 Pandora's Box. I'm hoping to move on to a vertical hanging 1000w HPS once cash is in hand, but until then I can probably sprout/veg with a few more CFLs.
    Hopefully those newbies will be sproutin in a day or two.
  2. Could that soil possibly be the famous Humboldt mix? Anyway, I am pulling up a chair to watch this one man.
  3. Whats up man!! This is nice and simple , I like . Right around 35 days you say? are you going to introduce her to any nutes? I bet she's hungry . I'll follow for the rest of the ride .
  4. Humbolt mix it is good sir. And I only started the veg nutes a week ago... I was keeping terrible track of the timeline and been too sick to go to the hydro shop. That cheese is pretty hardy to have put up with me. Been kind of concerned on that front, but there is good news. I found them lil hairy guys, so today marks Day1 of flower.
    Tonight will consist of switching to red spectrum and hopefully dropping those newborns into solo cups, the shells are looking primed to pop at 24 hours in.
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    Hey PressingStart, check this out man on page 18 TrouTalker has 6 photos of the Blue Dream that you are growing and it is at the end of flower. This plant is gonna be a monster producer if you have a similar pheno, not to mention a real fun one to grow. I can't wait to see what Pandoras Box is like as I have never even heard of that one.http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-grow-journals/1144857-trouts-5x5-honey-hole.html
  6. I'm diggin that site, very helpful. As for the other i$$ue, it might be a minute.
    Trout's Blue Dream is damn fine. Let's hope I can turn mine into even half if what his is.

    Journal bit: My Blue Dream was ready to pot at around 32 hours germ. Unfortunately, she was the only one ready. I'm 90% positive I had too much water in the ziplock since that's the only difference I noticed between the P.box bag and the B.D.
    Put all 5 seeds into a less wet bag and popped em back on top the cable box for the night. Always tomorrow.
    I set the auto up with 2700, and I just have to say that seeing my first attempt actually start to produce under that inviting yellow glow is fuckin exciting. Can't wait to start on this next deal.
  7. I personally don't believe too much water is th issue, but it is good hat you put them into the proper amount at this point. See alot of people always throw thier seeds into a glass of water at least overnight to begin thier germination and it works really well. I would say it is more of a strain/breeder difference just as my guess on that one. It's early in the process yet so I think the next couple days will be very telling.
  8. Ah, good to know. I'll have to read up on germination a bit more. Yeah, as soon as I posted that I realized I hadn't even thought about strain diff, Good call.
  9. Hey man can we get an update on this pandoras box strain or the auto?
  10. My bad, I found yellow spotting and a few downward curled/ browning tips in a few of the auto's original fans. The new growth looks boss, but nitrogen deficiency is what I'm told us the problem. The solution apparently is to hit it with strong veg nutes before going back into flowering, I still haven't been able to give it the flower nute mix anyway, so jopefully this sets her back on course.

    I have the blue dream along with 3 pandoras box in solo cups. I have to remember next time that those p.box. seeds sprout like shit. I stuck 5 in the bag at once, 2 sprouted 2 days in, the third popped and grew like a quarter inch 6 hours later, so I don't know if that one will make it.
    The last 2 show no signs of sprouting any time soon.

    I just picked up some supplies so this weekend I should be able to build some shelving and get the whole room decked out in reflector. Fun stuff.
  11. I guess I was wrong about the pandora seeds, 4 more broke shell last night so the total is now at 7. 3 of those broke soil recently along with the blue dream. Things seem to be moving faster with the fox farm soil than my auto did with the humbolt mix. The auto still has some burning but the new growth looks good. Gonna spend the day setting up the grow room better, off I go.

  12. In a journal if there are no photos it did not happen, we like to see sprouts coming up.
  13. Easy big guy, I planned on it once the area was semi presentable lol
  14. Everything is looking better at this point, got my setup a bit cleaner. I'm not sure about maybe having a divider between the seedlings and the flowering auto, or having the base reflective.

    The auto is looking a little funky, still waiting to see if it perks back up.

    Here's the worst of it.

    Aside from that, 4 more Pandoras broke shell, and 3 broke ground along with the blue dream.

    All in all I think it's been a positive day.
  15. Very nice man, I think the floor being reflective is a good thing. Now that I see photos of the auto, I say just remove those damged lower leaves. Lower leaves often die off during flowering anyway so don't sweat it. Looks like you have quite the grow happening now, and that auto looks like a nice little bush. I bet it is much brighter in the closet now, I don't think I would worry too much about a divider I think you will be fine.
  16. The auto has been looking kind of funky so I was advised I could still attempt a transplant this early into flower, so I went ahead and did so into a 5gal. Hit it with some veg nutes and hoping its gonna look better tomorrow.
    The oldest set of new girls are looking good, as well as the newer set. One though, seems to have sprouted 3 separate stems from one seed... Maybe I buried it too deep? Not sure. Guess well find out.

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  17. Oh, and I'm using FFOF with Floraduo A&B formula nutes. Seedlings are on the same 20/4 cycle along with the auto for the moment.
  18. Nice job on the transplanting, the seedlings all look good. That one though, I have never seen that before. That one is going to be interesting to see how it grows.
  19. Fucking ants. Ants all over my shit when I woke up yesterday. Got most of em, looks like they came through the door jam and were trying to nest in my auto soil. Bastards.
    I moved my auto into an old entertainment center I beat up specifically for the one plant, so that the seedlings won't be on the same 20/4 cycle. The transplant to the 5 gallon worked wonders too, She's lookin pretty healthy with 450w on her so ill be starting the 3rd week of flowering soon.
    All the seedlings are looking fine now that I have them under about 400w of cfls. Some of them are a little crappy ... I think that's due to poor lighting and the fact I was a little rough with a few of them when they first broke soil. The foxfarm seemed too thick in the beginning so I moved some around and accidentally fudged some of the new sprouts. I think they'll live though.

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