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  1. ok so due to a wicked turn of fate and the evil that is the soon to be ex wife i find myself living in a flat that belongs to a mate, low on funds and low on smoke.

    the deal is i live here rent free in exchange for helping fix the place up. i can (within reason) do what the hell i want aslong as i dont get busted. i have basic tools and basic growing equipment.

    the aim is to do a grow from start to finish in a short time and spending as little time and money as possable becuse
    A, im a tight bugger
    B, im lazy
    C, iv got better things to do with my time.

    i wanted to base my grow around this "grow tent" from growell

    but theres no way im paying £100 for some plastic sticks and a bit of plastic sheet. personaly i think most hydro shops take the piss on the prices of things so as many surplys as possable will be brought from shopping around local hardware shops, discount shops and if i have to B&Q. also im not a proud man and i will beg, borrow, steal or go hunting through skips if it means saving a few quid.

    i hope also that this will show people that think they cant grow becuse they dont have the money to set up a garden that it can be done on the cheep and will encorage a few more people to grow.

    thats the plan anyway.

    *edit* this is just how im going to do it. it can be done cheaper but i will be buying things that can be built for less if you want to spend the time on it. personaly i dont. if you follow this thread you will realise just what a lazy sod i am. if i can be arsed to keep it going that is (i am that lazy!)

    what im going to use as a grow tent

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  2. its 184cm x 122cm and 187 high

    argos was selling them for £30 and i brought one.

    all i want off it is the frame and the zip door. the clear plastic cover will be replaced by black and white plastic and the frame will give me somewhere to hang lights and fans without putting holes in the roof of the bedroom.

    i think they have gone back to 49 quid at argos but other places sell them, a local discount shop has them for £35, its spring so places have them, prices will drop once spring is over.
  3. as far as lights go i intend to use a 250 hps to veg and 2x400w hps to flower allthough it depends on how many females i get.

    i'll do a list of what i spend and on what in this post as the grow goes on by the power of editing.

    so far...
    10 northen lights x big bud seeds £10
    10 whos your daddy seeds £0 (freebie from nirvana)
    250w hps lowbay converted to remote balast
    the lobay with lamp £52
    reflector £25
    400w hps lobay with lamp £54
    reflector £35

    im off to get some batterys for my camara then go to work.

    tmw i'll show you how to convert a lobay to a top jolly remote balast grow lamp.

    any comments welcome.
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  5. Thug, are you putting it indoors or out, if outdoors, have you thought about the possibility of condensation building up inside it, due to the heat from the lights, and the cold outside, especially at night, may need a de-humidifier.......i've allways wanted a garage with a glass roof, that way nobody can se in, and during the summer, the sun will be higher in the sky, so it would get good light..........Peace out.........Sid

  6. I am growing Whos Y Daddy now. Click my sig to go to the journal. IN there somewhere it explains what WYD is.

  7. What about cops in helicopters? A glass roof garage with plants inside would look kinda suspicious. ;)
  8. hardly get any here, in the cities, there's one or 2 but i doubt we get as many as you's have to put up with over there.......Peace out.......Sid
  9. ive seen a clothlike matherial that allows light through, but blocks vision.... i think they make swimsuits out of it... but if you were to buy afew large rolls of that, just build a frame above the windows on the roof, cover the entire thing with the fabric, and your set, just be sure of having a way for runoff to get out from under the cloth.... :)

    and thug, im not sure what PVC prices over there are, but it might be ceahper to buy afew 10' lengths of 1/2 - 1" PVC and afew contractor packs of fittings and just buld your own frame.... although now im remembering that you already bought one for 30£ so nm, but in the future if you decide to build another one, just something to look into...

    and man if the 400w was only 2£ more than the 250, i would have just gotten another 400 instead.... but if your tryin to save money on electricity, it makes sense....

  10. http://www.overgrow.com/edge/showthread.php?t=381042&onlyuser=&perpage=15&pagenumber=2

    its gonna be a bit like a bag seed grow with the mix of plants i'll have in there but i will know that all the seeds have the potential to be stunning plants even if i dont know what kind of stunning its going to be!

  11. the garden that comes with the flat is best discribed as part of a larger communal garden with 3ft high fences between your own little bit. right out for any kind of growing, plus the neighbours would probably rob it the 1st night it was out there. i dont mean breakinto it i mean take the whole bloody greenhouse. its going in the bedroom. ok i know its going to look a little strange but i dont think the plants will mind.

    the flat was brought as a fixer-up-er / investment so borded upwindows and carrying things in and out wont look strange. all growing will b indoors but im tempted to do a plant or to in the large south facing window.

  12. nice to see you blazin. im folowing your grow, hoping to pick up a little insight as to what iv got in store.

  13. glad you could make it along john.
    i had a look at pvc, ally staging, scaffold, wood and lots of other things but it didnt work out cost efective if it was brought new. i spose i could of wated untill some came along 2nd hand but i wanted it now not tmw and like iv said im lazy and didnt fancy having to design and build something when it was sitting there on the shelf. time is money so its going to pay for its self just by everything being cut to size and having all the fittings there.

    also this is desigend to live outdoors in all weathers so im guessing its going to be strong and hard wearing enough for the what i have in mind. its plastic coated steel so no rot. its also the ideal size for 2 x 400w lights.

    the reason i got a 250 was just to veg plants for the 400 and it was all i needed. saving electric is a major bonus but heat was the major consern along with stealth. theres a 3'x3' closet and its an ideal grow room but its right by a window. even with 2 lots of curtans up the 400 shone through them but with the 250 its just a dull glow at worst, from outside it looks like normal curtains with a normal light inside. its also in the main living room and if we had another summer like the last 1 i dont want to have to cope with the heat of a 400 in the same room i have to live in, not with the curtains shut all the time.
  14. iv had a busy day so havent done much. but i have put the "greenhouse" up in the "bedroom" (hearafter refered to as the flowering room becuse that sounds better) it was a bit wobbley when it was just the frame so i had to use the cover, it does give it a lot of streanth.

    holes will be cut for venting and the inside lined with white plastic to reflect the light.

    sorry the pics so crap but it takes up most of the room, i had to stand in the hallway to get this pic and i avent got the hang of my new camera yet. i think i shud of used the flash. well live and learn..

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  15. cant wate to see more man u sound like you could have a fun time ahead of you :D
  16. the reason i havent done a lot was becuse i was round at barnys picking up some plants.

    hes gone on a bit of a holliday and wont be around to look after them so i had them off him.

    there in soil and not lookin to good. i think hes spent to long in bed of late, anyways the plants are 5 whos your daddy (is everybody growing these?) 4 amsterdam flame clones, 2 big bud clones and i forgot to ask what the other 5 seedlings are.

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  17. theres some "rust" on 2 of the wyd.
    im not to botherd about this as im not going to be keepin them in soil.

    i have some grow cubes that im going to repot them into
    i havent used these before so not sure whats going to happen. to be honest im not really sure whats going to be the best way to grow with them. im just going to dump them in a pot and treat like soil. watering from the top by hand and see how it goes.

    i also have some home made bubble buckets and 2 small nft trays (205s) that im sure are going to make an appreance sometime durnig this grow.

  18. i hope so, you gotta have a laff aint ya.

    how do i do a signature and change the wording under my name? does anybody know?
  19. edit profile, down to signature. btw looks as if youre going to be really busy :)
  20. had half an hour to kill so i started lineing the flowering room.

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