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  1. So I'm looking for a good bubbler, I've seen a lot, but I was just hoping for some outside input. I live in the UK and was thinking about buying a bubbler and having it shipped over to the UK (mainly due to the fact I was trying to avoid buying china glass).
    My budget lies at around 90 dollars (give or take a little).
    The two I had in mind were: 
    The grav labs 45mm shower-head  and  the molino reactor v2 stemless. 
    Any feedback would be much appreciated :)

  2. Gravlavs is semiqualityish but its china

    Colorado love!

  3. It's a little above your budget but Boxfan's Helix Signature Series bubblers are the best handheld piece I've ever hit. 
    Not sure what else is close to your budget as far as scientific bubblers go. For your range I'd say your best bet is to get one of the simple ones from like Treehouse glass or GlassBlowersDirect that has a removable downstem. Or a regular pill bottle ashcatcher and get a j-hook.  
    And gravlabs aren't that bad honestly. If you find a bubbler made over a year ago, they were still done by american glass blowers. If not, I'd prefer them over soft glass bubblers and other china glass
  4. Thanks, I've checked them all out, awesome stuff :)
  5. Out of your two options i'd go with Grav Labs. I've had a Molino piece an it was solid but i just don't trust their perc'd pieces.

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