Budget Bong Discussion, Weedstar Vs Black Leaf etc

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  1. So far in my quest to find a replacement tube

    i have run across two budget branded glass bong companies, and i am sure there are others, Weedstar and blackleaf.

    I have read more about weedstar (the dedicated sticky on the site.lol)

    and black leaf seems to have less info, but still nice thick glass

    is there any other brand that comes close to their budget prices (NOT ELHE, way more expensive when you go above like12'' guys),but surpasses their quality

    i have a SHAC/CarbonFilter/Showerhead diffy, so built in percs is not really important. ice notches would be nice, but not essential. height is essential, because when you get a bigass bong, you feel manly.

    side question: do ice catchers make a huge difference?
  2. Get some thing from ETSY it will be nicer and better quality. Also made in the US.
  3. Weed Star is decent. What's your budget? We'd be able to help you out more if we knew that.

    Weed Star is great if you want to want to spend the minimum amount of money. I have a Weed Star double bubbler on the way now - $80 shipped! Cant beat that ;).

    Check out simpleglasstubes on ETSY. He does badass tubes for really cheap.
  4. lol I pmed him a link to simpleglasstubes 15 min ago.
  5. I reccomend finding something nice on Etsy, you can even find some people who will do custom glass for you.

  6. Lol, +1 my friend
  7. HVY and SYN make decent simple bongs for the price of a shitty draggy perced WS or BL. Just go to ALT. Best online headshop imo. But that's just because I tend to buy more high end glass.
  8. HVY and wrkd are both nice I agree.
  9. i only looked a couple of things on the site and most of it seems WAY out of my budget

    my budget is about 50-80 bucks. not including shipping
    but i didn'tlike what simpleglasstubes did, they were too... simple. lol
    i was looking into to

    weedstar 5mm mahoney ice
    WS Series 3.2mm Bong - 3-Jet Tornado Superhelix

    anything along those lines?

    i bought my SHAC/showerhead diffy from etsy!

    where can i find wrkd?
  10. Check out SSFG on Etsy.
    There are some HVYs and Syns on ALT that are under $100.
  11. plain tubes are too bland I guess so hes gonna get some Chinese crap gonna have to let this one learn the hard way what quality means.
  12. It is incredibly bad taste to direct people to other online headshops when GC sells reasonably priced pieces.
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    Its in bad taste to order poor quality from outside the united state only to see it get nabbed by customs when you could have ordered good quality from the US and have it be perfectly legal...
  14. Very, very few overseas purchases get nabbed by Customs. I tend to spend my money on US businesses as well. That wasn't my point. GC gives us a free forum to talk about the herb, and all I said was it is in bad taste to have this discussion in my opinion. I didn't say it was against the rules, I didn't go off on some little rant like you did. Chill out man and maybe even grow up a little. Peace.
  15. at least I sent him my link in a PM.
  16. If GC were to get the quality glass that other similar sites have, I would be willing to bet a lot of people would buy from here more. But the fact of the matter is that gc doesn't have the high end gear that a lot of us are looking for. Don't get me wrong I am not knocking gc in anyway, and am grateful they provide this forum, but the glass selection is severely lacking high end quality. I have bought stuff from gc and will do so again for spoons and stuff of that nature, but when i comes to tubes they just don't got it. I would love to see some high end stuff here. that's just my .02, stay lifted
  17. I guess you missed the part of the thread title that said 'Budget'. GC has some ok pieces for decent prices. I wasn't saying people shouldn't buy elsewhere, I just think that pointing out other online headshops here, given that they give us a nice free forum to talk on, is rude. Like I said it doesn't violate any rules I know of, I just don't like it so I expressed my opinion :confused_2:
  18. ^ thats fine and I was just expressing mine. I was sort of making a more generalized statement about the glass here i suppose.

    edit - also syn and hvy are far better than weed star and black leaf
  19. as per your advice, i am going to stay away from weedstar and black leaf

    i was looking in etsy and i found this
    tribal tube by brutaltubes on Etsy

    is there anyway to tell how good the blower is by just looking at the pictures?

    this is pretty much exactly what i was looking for:
    eye pleasing
    ice catcher
    GonG 14mm
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    The tribal tube seems like a decent buy. I don't really know much about he blower and he only has two things in his shop. his inline looks relatively thick but I can't quite tell for sure with the zong.

    I will admit I hate almost every zong I've ever seen but that does look pretty sharp.


    Also I would avoid the second glass blower. All his glass seems really really thin and super fragile. I don't know anything about his products though and am basing my opinion on the pictures alone. If someone else has had great luck (or not) with either of these guys then let me know so I can stand corrected.

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