Buddy's first time OD

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by AnonymousBuds, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Buddy of mine is having me help him along the way on his first OD grow.

    Got 6 30 day old girls going in today. And its wet and rainy like a some bitch. Should be fun. (Not) I mixed up about 1 gallon of solid nutes to slow release over the next 2 weeks. Make sure they transplant and get back to solid growth.
    Other than that, there has been zero prep work. No holes dug no ferts added to the area Or anything else. We are gonna go scout some spots here in the next hour. Decide where do the prep work, go grab the girls and transplant them. Its pretty stormy and shitty out so should be min. People out and about. Plus its pretty deep woods round here. Do t know how many posts I'll bee putting on this thread yet but we'll see I guess. Don't know how often he plans on watering or if he is just gonna let it go and see what nature does. Either way if we get anything come Oct I'll be fine with that . cheers guys. Also I have 36 baby's from seed right now as soon as they hit 8" they will be going out door and I'll make a new jurno for that.

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