Buddy isn't bringing anything to smoke sessions.

Discussion in 'General' started by Tokage567, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Hey all, recently i've run into a problem with my merry MJ smoking experience.

    One of my buddies quit bringing weed to the sessions, hasn't smoked anyone up in months, but shows up to every session.

    Getting on my nerves a bit because he simply refuses to contribute once in a while.

    We usually smoke in a group of about 5, sometimes 6 or 7 if my bro and his girlfriend come, and we take turns bringing the herb, or everybody brings a little bit, or somebody provides a pipe or something.

    But this guy hasn't contributed since December, so last fcking year!

    Should we kick him out of the sessions? We've already talked about it with him, and he says he can't bring anything because he doesn't have money, but everyone is just as broke as he is......

    Sorry if this post got too long, alot of stuff to cover.
  2. If the dude isn't contributing and he's bringing extra heads, kick his ass out
  3. tell him he can bring munchies from his own stock or something...ANYTHING...a movie to zone to even would help
    if he really cant afford to bring green and doesnt have his own smoking utensil to use im sure he could scrounge up a buck 50 and buy some damn papers...saying you dont have the money to contribute ANYTHING *but im assuming he can still pay for gas maybe* is just him being stupid, lazy and leachy
  4. I was thinking ditch his ass, but ^^^^^ that's a good idea if he really cant afford to do anything better. Just make him contribute somehow
  5. Nobody ever brings anything to match me... I suppose I've gotten used to it.
  6. Same here. On the real though - tell him straight up.. "If you can't contribute anything to the sessions then we're going to have to ask you not to come anymore. No offense to you, but we're just as broke as you and we still manage to chip in."

    I told one of my friends that and he stopped coming until he could contribute. Gave me a ring one day saying, "I've got some good green if y'all want to come over later I'll be home around 11."

    So now it's all bomb pops.
  7. i agree with skilette he can at least bring some little thing to show he appreciates you smoking him out
  8. i smoke up ALL of my friends
    ALL the time.

    and i can't say "if you aren't going to contribute i'm not going to throw down" bc basically, i'm not poor. i always have a mass amount of bud, and all my friends always just abuse it.

    and if i tell them that they should buy some from me [like a 1g], just to be able to match me, they always say they don't have the money and shit. and that i have money, so i shouldn't worry about it.

    but it gets ridiculous when you smoke an 8th with your friends like every 2 days and none of them ever match you.


    does anyone have an answer for my problem? haha.

    EDIT: i pay for the bud, i have all the paraphernalia, i throw down like $10 on gas every couple days [i'm not driver], i always let them munch out @ my house [my parents think its funny to watch me come home with baked friends and my dad screams "OH NICK DO YOU WANT SOMETHING TO EAT? YOU LOOK REAL HUNGRY" [Nick is a friend of mine].
  9. Tell him to bring food, movies, games etc
    something that´ll at least be fun to do while stoned, so at least he contributes to something

  10. ^^^ Kinda like the story of my life. LoL
  11. sounds like you got some chill ass parents
  12. dude i have the same problem with my sister. she can be such a fucking bitch, i smoked her up for an entire week straight. i rolled up atleast 2 blunts a day and u can bet she was there for everyone of them. so it time for munchies and i spent all my money on the weed we had been smoking all week so i asked her to get me sumthin since she has been smoking my weed all week and she says " Oh no no no, you have not been letting me smoke your weed" :eek::mad::devious: i said who the fuck provided all these blunts this week cause it sure as hell wasnt you or your b/f and she denied it and she think everytime time im outside smoking that she can automatically come out and get smoked up for free and it fucking pisses me off. and then when i do let her smoke these blunts she will fucking sit there and cheif it for EVAR. Ill be like its puff puuf pass damn it not puff three times then think about passing it after another hit, im gonna start skipping her hit and then just not letting her smoke at all. fucking freeloaders and moochers. See we are moving to my step dads house and she was like yea everynight im gonna knock on the wall (our rooms and next to eachother) and thats the signal to smoke and pass me the blunt, fuck no, ill sit there and smoke the whole thing infront of her, and she has the job not me (accually i just got one today:hello:) sorry for the rant but your thread made me think of this so i kno how you feel when fucking freeloaders think they can always smoke your weed, she may be my sis but fuck that.
  13. if my sister was mooching, you bet your ass i'd be letting her know that she needs to throw me cash or she needs to bail, haha.
  14. dude i smoked her up for the last time, no more unless she brings money or weed, and her b/f says she cant buy weed cause he cant have a girl that gets busted or he will have to find a new girl, oh fucking well im tired of her txting me CONSTANTLY asking if someone else has weed, how the fuck do i kno, get your lazy mooching ass up and call them, and if i have to take the risk and pick up bud for her with her money she damn better smoke me up real good. she smoked me up once with fucking .3g, and i dropped fucking like a quarter on her and she denies i smoked her up then she says i let you smoke my weed before:devious:. id rather shove her .3g up my ass than smoke it with her if she think she deserves all my weed, and she is older than me, she should want to smoke up her lil bro( im 18), im just venting:eek:

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