Buddy got caught!!!!!!what to do?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by wee-one, May 14, 2004.

  1. Hello, i am 20 years old, but one of my best friends is a senior in high school (of course I'm 18, how silly of me to suggest otherwise) and got caught thursday. Someone snitched on him and they searched his gym locker. he pulled out his pants and a pipe fell out.( i was like why did you even have it...?) then they searched him and found a lighter the pipe and about 5 grams of the good stuff(weed). He is suspended for like 20 days which is the rest of the school year. the best part is that he told them that he just sold me some weed. now, we are best friends and have been since 4th grade. now he has a court date. My question is, can he get a year or more for distribution even though he is underage or are there laws for underage kids?????? He already is getting charged for prefanalia and poss. of less than an oz.($100 fine) but are there certain laws for underage kids, because i want to help him out, he is 17 and we live in Nebraska??????? anything would help, including sites, except for the norml site, that has nothing on underage people.
  2. thanks, yeah he is 17 so he will be tried as an adult probably. hopefully he will not get a distribution fine.
  3. uh oh, thats distribution......they might take a lil off his time for cooperating and sayin he sold right off the bat.......but thats only if he gets a nice judge.......
  4. a little off his time??he is underage isnt he, so he cannot get jail time...i thought?!?!
  5. Go to www.NORML.org and click the state.. It will give you some ideas.
  6. i watching cops one time on the "war on drugs"

    so they ursurp a crack house and start selling drugs (amazing that they don't get copped for selling drugs.. biatches) and they lay a charge on one dude "attempted purchase of an illegal substance"... ATTEMPTED purchase.. that is bulllllshiT.. here in canada it's either possession, trafficking, and i think possession for the purpose of trafficking. i think that's it.

    man, i wish the US had the canadian cop shows.. it's funny. the worst brutality i've seen on the show so far was helping a drunk guy get home. serious. the difference is soooo huge..

    but anyways, i hope your friend doesn't get a large sentence or fine.. what state are you in? oops nevermind.. (nebraska)
  7. Jail sentence for 5grams? Here in 0z you can have 14grams before they really do anything...
  8. same here but i was talking about the distribution

  9. Haha once i visited Canada for a summer and watched the Canadian Mounted Police show like every day. I didnt smoke then so that was my idea of fun.

    I dont know any good weed websites besides this one so all i can say is good luck with ur friend.
  10. P.S. I forgot to add- earlier this year a kid in my grade got caught with 2.5 ounces of dank. Im not even exagerating the principal told me the amount, cause i got questioned about it alot. I got questioned since the kids who ratted on him also told them i had smoked with him before basketball games(we were both on the varsity team). Yeah so anyways he only got 5 day suspension for 2.5 OUNCES. Your school seems very harsh.

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