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  1. Hi, although im growing in my greenhouse i need to bud them sooner than wanted due to paranoia, so ive decided to do the 12/12 part in my shed. I have blocked 95% of light getting in to the shed. Does it have to be "pitch black" or can there be a few cracks? Please anyone?:confused:
  2. Fully dark, those little strands of light can stress out your plant and possibly make it hermi

  3. Thanx dude, This is really pissing me off, ive been working 8hrs solid in this fuckin shed tryin a do this lol:eek:
  4. Ya man having the same problem with my closet. My best advie is ducttape the holes/cracks and a blanket for the doorway

  5. Yeah, tape crossed my mind, the door is fine, just a bit on the roof. I should of bought all auto strains, but with pickandmixseeds u get greedy and spoilt for choice lol, I have a lowryder/easyryder and a widowryder auto's but my alaskan ice, ice by female and chronic haze are normal, thats y i need shed.
  6. the smallest amount of light could definately topple ur empire, lol. the light cycle is not where u want to have problems! hermies are the worst!

  7. i so dont want hermies. Id rather have herpies than hermies lmao. Cheers mate:eek:

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