Budding Top Cola leaves curling down

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    Please check the link in my sig to my journal for all the growing details.

    This problem is happening to both of my indica plants. The leaves around the colas are curling down, near the top of the plant, where the most light is available. The lower buds with less light are looking healthy, as are my sativa plants (green crack).

    For reference, my other plants are doing just fine. Pic:


    the lucas nutrient formula should have no affect on this problem. what are GC's thoughts?
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    HIGH All, sorry for little input predballer...you have 2 strains Growing in the same Solution? If so that could be your Problem....some Strains like HIGH feedings and some not so much. Only thing I can think of is to use less (low Doseage) Feedings

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  3. i have read up on my feeding regimen (lucas formula), and i dont quite understand how this would need to be changed for different plants.

    Does the picture show signs of overwatering? perhaps some plants drink faster/slower? i feed 5 times a day and the green cracks seem to like it, however this is too much for the villaluna.

    either way, i am vested in 6 GC's and only 2 VL's so im going to stick to what is working for the majority of the plants.
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    from what I have experianced, Bud leaves that have bountiful amounts of resin glands tend to point down and canoe under. Though your plants do not look too far into flowering. It does'nt seem like it should be looking like that so early.

    If it's pointing up it's usually heat stress related. Pointing down is usually due to strong nutes. In your case it could be nutes. Though I can never be sure.

    You can try to back up the nutes , I don't think it will make much of a difference. The only picture that looks bad is the first one , the second which is showing much less seems normal to me.

    Did you ever fix the Floating Hydroton problem? How often are your Flood cycles? Lucas Rec 15 min flood on every 3 hours of light?

  5. HIGH All, that's what I was saying...one Strain likes the Regime your Feeding it and one doesn't....that's the Problem of two Different Strains on the same Feeding.

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