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  1. can anyone tell me the best time to start my budding cycle? my plants are bout foot tall and bout 7 weeks old
  2. Best indication is when the plant starts alternating nodes -- that is, at first the plant will put out leaves on both sides of the main stem at each node, but then it reaches a point where it puts out a node on one side only then the other side in an uneven pattern.

    You can continue to veg after alternating nodes start, and generally it is good to wait to flower if you can because the longer you veg the more future bud sites you will be developing.
  3. here is couple of pics of my plants and setup i would start them off budding when the nodes are alternating but running outta space can i start now my space is 2x2 feet and bout 6 feet tall

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    Whats your setup?
    Edit: you just posted pics

    You should start to flower now because Flouros dont penitrate well enough to grow massive bushes..
  5. ok will start soon as get a timer also im gonna move these to bigger space at weekend just bought a four light fluro holder thing and is it a carbon filter i need for smell???
  6. Yes def need the carbon filter for smell if thats an issue for you.. Its good that you bumped up the lights the more the better how many total watts are you running???
  7. the light fitting can hold 4 lights so when get paid at weekend gonna get 2 white 200 watts sprectrum and 2 red 200 watts for it also gonna buy the filter i no these plants havent got so much space but it was the best i could do at time they are under 2 125 watt (one of each spec) but like i said cant wait to get these mrs in proper accomidation!!! thx for replies well appreciated:wave:
  8. a carbon filter will cost no less than 135.00$,,,,the simple solution is this,,,,,,,, get u 2 pairs of pantyhose,,,,, cut each leg in half,,, get u some odor eliminating kitty litter,,[flip it over to see if it has a activated carbon charcoal] as a main odor eliminating,,, perfumed litter wont do it,,,it must be activated carbon,,,,,,fill the half leg of the pantyhose with the litter,, tie it up [ dont pack it a loose fill is what you need,you need air to circulate thru it] tie a string to it and suspend it from the cieling thruout your area,,and your venting area,,,,, and the smell will be awesomelly reduced:smoking:
  9. Hah, that's some mighty useful information. So if you combine the dangling kitty litter with incenses, will the smell be completely masked?
  10. yeap ^^^^^^^^^^^ ive eyballed that site before,,just aint too fancy at the comp. i dont know how to store such a site address for future use,,,, but thats it in a nut shell.....:hello: someone will allways give you a good reply,,, that homebuilt setup there,,is the way to go,,,,combined with the pantyhose,,,and smell really wont be a issue,,,,:wave:
  11. do carbon filters just make the air smell like fresh air or does it mast it with something?
  12. It cleans the air, doesn't add odor to mask anything.
  13. because of the physical properties and chemical structure of carbon, it bonds easily with other compounds that may be present in the air or a liquid. the chemicals that make up the smell are actually "absorbed" or bonded to the surface of the carbon.
  14. just keep in mind when,choosing your carbon agent that its a trustworty,agent,,,,by this i mean,they use a lot of different materials,,,that they call ''carbon'',,some are better than others,the best being charcoal,[coal],,,, granulated,and activated,,,, they also make it out of coccunut fibers,[which is cheesy],youll be replacing this stuff constantly,,,if you go into lowes ,at the a/c area,,,,youll find a sheet,ittts 2' by 3',,,which is activated charcoal,,,,[what this is made 4 is to put over your normal a/c vent ,thus eliminating odors as they get pulled into your fresh air inlet] if your exaust air from your growroom is filtered thru this,,the air on the other side of it will be cleansed,,and odor free...the diagram that UPTOP posted , in a nutshell is the best way to go,,cheap to make,,,and does the same as a $100.00 carbon scrubber the stores sell,,,most of thier scrubbers are good for 1 run only,,,, when its absorbed all it can its disposable,,[some are refillable,but most arent],,with uptops setup when you believe the scrubber aint taking out as much smell as when new,,,, you can just unwrap the carbon sheet and replace it with a fresh one,,,theres so many ways to battle odor,,,,if you combine 3 of the ways,,all 3 of them working toghter will have you wearing a smile,,as you breathe fresh air with no tint of a odor...:cool:
  15. if you don't want disposable but still want a kick-ass scrubber, you can always buy an Atmosphere scrubber. They are refillable. They also make reversible filters. With a carbon scrubber, most of the air exfiltration, and ths the filtration, is done through the top half of the filter ("top" meaning the intake end of the filter). So what happens is that the carbon on the inside of the filter on this end is used up first and the bottom half still has plenty of life in it. With a reversible filter, you just flip it around and you can then use up the rest of the viale carbon before refilling. This almost doubles the amount of time between refills and uses 40% less carbon. Pretty nice.

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