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  1. Ok well to start off I want to thank every ones help from the time I've joined. I have 2 female ( it think cuz one only has one female hair) that have grow and taken alot of stress early on. No I no ill suppose to have 150 or something like that on them but it gets way to hot for in there when I close it up. I have one 20 watt 2700k and 2 23watt 5000k. All are Cfl. I know I should be using nothing butt the 2700k. But I'm new and lighting was alittle confusing and now I'm super broke. But the question I came here for is, my California orange is showing her sex, small but showing but my northern light is showing one female hair I think. And its almost 2 weeks in and no clear sign of her with any other female hairs. It's kinda wording me cuz I've seen otheres at same age of flowering and there bigger and better buds. When will I see that or any good buds.

    These are the California Orange


    Thread are the both of them and the northern lights


    Ps. I do give them nutrients and a lot of love.
  2. You need more light. CFLs 'will' grow your plants, but they are just a waste of time. T5's aren't that expensive and will provide much more adequate light to grow and flower your plants.
  3. Yeah looks like a fine female. Lights would be the main reason its not just taking off and thriving. Second would probably be its nutrients your using.

    Ive used the time release miracle grow stuff before and than switched to the nice liquid fertalizers and noticed a huge difference in just 2 days.

    100 watts for 2 plants isnt great but youll get buds. sub 70 watts is just going slow is all. At this point I would use any CFL I can and put it in there :)

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